VIDEO: Leslie Discusses Future

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State forward C.J. Leslie met with the media tonight prior to the Wolfpack's banquet.

"I still haven't got the information back yet, but so far it's going pretty good."

"I haven't made a decision yet. I'll be making my decision sometime later this week."

"It's one of those things where I'm letting it go wherever it goes. I'm not stressing about it... I'm just going to go from there."

"I would say I'm [leaning] a little bit one way."

"I'm just really seeing what they have and where I'm at and going from there. I really haven't got the feedback like I said."

"Last year we definitely ended on a good note and we did a lot of things people didn't think that we'd be able to do."

"That's definitely good for us and good for me, and it's definitely going to play a part in my decision."

"I'm worried about just me. I'm not worried about anybody else. They can't help me in any other way."

"I'm just waiting to hear back."

"I haven't got it yet."

"They basically are being very supportive and it's ultimately my decision. They aren't pressuring me to come back or pushing me away. They are just saying enjoy it and we're 100% here to support you."

"I'm just waiting to hear my feedback."

"I heard about it and that's definitely good. It's where the program hasn't been in a long time... it's a great opportunity for NC State, the Wolfpack fans, and everyone else. I'm going to wait and hear this feedback and go from there, and I'm going to make the decision that is best for me."

"The deadline is close, It's a lot closer than it was."

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