Estopinan Shines at Camp

Miami (FL) South Linebacker Javier Estopinan attended the NC State individual camp last week. <p> He felt very good about how he tested out and the Wolfpack are definitely high on his list.

"I did well up at NC State this week," Estopinan told StateFans. "They measured me out at 6-foot-2, 240 pounds, and I ran a 4.65 on grass. In the individual workouts they kept telling me I was doing real good so I'm sure they liked what they saw."

Estopinan is considered one of the elite linebackers in college and may even project at Defensive End OR Tackle on the next level. His outstanding wrestling background (45-0 as a junior and state champion), lateral quickness (4.12 NIKE pro shuttle), and strength (21 reps @ 185 pounds) could make him a star in the trenches.

"I don't really care where I play just as long as I do. I feel I can be a great linebacker though."

Estopinan also liked the new facilities in Raleigh. They left an impression on the Florida native.

"Those facilities are bad. They have a 75-yard weight room and this incredible statue on the outside of their center. It's really out of hand and all the recruits have to like those facilities."

While in Raleigh, Javier was able to meet most of the coaches and several current players.

"I spent some time with Coach Diaz, Holliday, Ortiz, and even Coach Amato. All of those guys are great and I can tell they know what they are talking about. Coach Diaz is a cool guy."

"With the players I hung out with Pat Thomas and Andre Maddox some. I met all the linebackers too and they were cool. It was fun."

Estopinan, who's camping at Ohio State this weekend, still maintains that he has no leader.

"I'm still looking at five right now. NC State, Ohio State, Florida, Florida State, and LSU. All of those have offered me too. I don't have a leader or know when I will decide."

PLAYER: Javier Estopinan
SCHOOL: South Miami.
HEIGHT: 6-2.5

FloridaKids.US Estopinan Write-up

THE SCOOP ON THIS FLORIDA KID: Three years ago, when the Cobras lined up for a game, then head coach Charlie Yanda told me something that I can still remember: "Larry, I know this kid is just in the ninth grade, but I guarantee he will be as good as anyone I coached in my 30 years."
Two years later and head coach Joe Mira was saying the same thing about an athlete who may be as gifted as any in the state.

EVALUATION: While I still think the future is at defensive end for "Javi" at the next level, he still does some tremendous things as a linebacker as well.
He has great feet, tremendous instincts and is strong. His wrestling prowess (97 wins in two years, including a state championship last season) lends itself to the type of player he is. You will not find an opposing tight end who will be able to stop him from the DE spot at the next level, and you can take that to the bank!

THE INSIDE STORY: Very seldom do you find such a promising all-around athlete who gets it done in the classroom as well as in athletics.

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