Pack Pride Q&A: Tony Creecy

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State sophomore tailback Tony Creecy spoke with Pack Pride this week with the Wolfpack in the middle of spring practice.

With Mustafa Greene having issues with the law and not being with the team, has that taken your focus away from the game any?
It hasn't taken my attention too much away from the game. We still have to practice, work hard and be prepared for this weekend. I feel sorry for him because he's a great athlete. I hope that he can get everything together and come back because we could really use him. But I'm going to stay focused and just keep doing my job the right way.

Though you and James Washington are coming back, what would Greene offer if he was on this team?
Moose adds tremendous balance for us. James has speed and power, I have speed and power and Moose would just add even more of the same thing. We would be like a three-headed monster if we had him.

How much easier does it make it for you and Washington knowing that you've already survived an entire season without Greene in the backfield?
It makes it a little bit easier. With him here or not, we still need to work and make progress. We know without him we need to work that much harder towards that goal. We miss him, but that hasn't stopped us from getting better.

How excited are you for this Saturday to play in front of the fans again?
I'm really excited. I had an okay scrimmage this past Saturday, but I want to build on that this weekend. I want to get better each and every week. It's going to be exciting. The Wolfpack family is just like a huge family. I know all of the fans are going to be really excited and I know a lot of people are going to come. We have to have a big showing and give them what they want.

Where do you feel like you need to improve from last year to this year?
I really want to just be more explosive with the ball in my hands. I don't want to be brought down by one or two guys this year. I want it to take three or four guys to bring me down and maybe even be able to break out of those tackles.

How much emphasis do you put into pass protection for your quarterback?
Blocking will get you on the field. They recruited me here because they know I can play football and run with the football, so I have to bring something extra to the table, which is blocking. Once you block well, that's one of the best ways to stay on the field.

It seemed like Mike Glennon was looking for you and James Washington more to pass the ball during the second half of the season. Was that due to a trust with you guys or just a matter of understanding where you guys are on the field?
Mike is a great quarterback. I think he started trusted us more and really just started learning the offense more. Once he dropped back, he knew if he dumped the ball off to us we could turn it into a 10 or 12 yard play. So once he started understanding that, he just started giving us the ball more.

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