O'Brien: "We Got Better Today"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Tom O'Brien spoke to the media following the Pack's second scrimmage of the spring. The Kay Yow Spring Game will be held on April 21st.

Rushing: 38 rushes for 26 yards

Passing: 23-for-48 passing for 234 yards with 2 TDs and 4 interceptions

Kicking: 2/3 FG attempts (Made: 42,44 Missed: 42)

Defense: 12 tackles for loss for 47 yards, Seven sacks for 35 yards

Tom O'Brien

"I think we got better today and a lot of guys individually improved. We played faster today on a lot of levels and that's what we are looking for and looking for imporovement."

"It seemed to me that [Hakeem] Flowers had a much better day today. He's one guy that stood out today - he had some opportunities and made some plays."

"[Rashard Smith] has to help us in the rotation there right now. Whether he has to go back come August and maybe help the nickle defense I hope that's not the case. I think we have enough back there now - he would certainly be capable of it but he's just concentrating on offense right now."

"Tyler [Brosius] is getting better. He's taken some good strides forward. The two freshmen - their heads are spinning out there."

"That's one area [Defensive line], they and the front seven, we've made a lot of changes here in the 10, 11 practices that we've had. There hasn't been a lot of continuity up there."

"We aren't anywhere close to being set with any kind of rotation up there yet. It's a lot of guys fighting for jobs."

"You're never ever where you want to be. But I'm happy with the progress we made this Saturday from last Saturday."

"As a whole the offensive line is performing at a better level than at any point since we've been here."

"Glennon hadn't been sacked much. Other guys are getting sacked with those numbers and that's the way it ends up but they are doing a better job of protecting him."

"Forest West and some of those guys on the defensive front, him particularly. I think AJ Ferguson has stepped up and played pretty good, he's using some of the experience that he had last year - they seem to be pretty happy with what they are seeing out of him."

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