Young Recaps Official Visit

Monterey Peninsula College forward Andrew Young wasn't sure what to expect from his official visit to NC State. What did he think of Raleigh and the Wolfpack?

Monterey Peninsula College forward Andrew Young wasn't sure what to expect from his official visit to NC State. What did he think of Raleigh and the Wolfpack?

"I had a very good visit," said Young. "I had a chance to tour the campus, check out the facilities, talk more with the coaches, and meet the players. I thought it went great. I feel like I get along well with all the players and think it would be a great fit for me.

"I didn't commit or anything like that, but that wasn't the expectation. I'm supposed to talk again with coach Gottfried and coach Moxley tonight, but I think I'll be making a decision sometime this week."

Young was able to talk with the majority of the Wolfpack's players, including forward C.J. Leslie, who hasn't announced his plans for next season, which would obviously have an impact on Young should he ink with NC State.

"I'm not trying to put words into his mouth, and I don't know what he is going to do for sure, but I think Leslie is going to return," said Young. "He's a great player and a major part of the program so I think he will stay. I know he is I think maybe a late first-rounder and they are going to be so good that could maybe push him into the lottery next year."

For Young, one of the best part of the visit was playing pick-up with the other players on the team, and he left blown away by one of the Wolfpack's top talents.

"I got to play with the guys some too," he said. "I played well, I don't think it was my best but I guess I can say that was because I had a long flight in and a little bit of jet lag. Overall, it was fun though.

"I'm telling you, it would be great to play with the point guard, Lorenzo Brown. He's by far the best point guard I've ever played with. I would pick-and-roll and he would find creases and lanes to get me the ball... at first it was hitting me and I wasn't expecting it. I told the coaches before I left that I know Leslie is going to be a first-round pick, but Brown is going to be one next year too. He is a great player."

Young led the state of of California in scoring (22 points per game) and rebounding (14.2) as a sophomore, and picked up several scholarship offers throughout the process. However, he has narrowed his list down to three schools, NC State, Oregon, and Texas A&M. What is the biggest strength of each school?

"With Oregon, I feel like that is where I could probably make the biggest impact right away," said Young. "I think they have the biggest need and I could go in and make the biggest impact.

"At Texas A&M, I have a great relationship with the coaches. I trust them a lot and feel comfortable with all of them.

"With NC State, I love the offense, and I feel like they have a great team. They are going to win a lot of games this year, and I think it would give me a chance to show what I can do on the biggest stage."

While they all have pluses, they have some minuses as well.

"Texas A&M is entering a new conference, and I don't know how that will play out," said Young. "It could be good, it could be bad, you don't know, but with them going into the conference with Kentucky it would probably be hard to win big.

"It's the same with Oregon. Being in the Pac-12, you have Arizona and UCLA who are normally strong, and the conference has been down as well.

"NC State, it might be distance. Obviously that isn't a big factor for me, but it would probably be a bit of an adjustment for me early on. It was a little bit of a culture shock for me on the visit, a new experience."

A decision should be announced in the near future.

"I hope to have it made this week," said Young. "I need to get back home and talk with my coach some more and I'll be ready to decide. I don't think it would be wise to name a leader in an article right now with me being so close to making a decision, but I know I'll have made my choice soon."

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