O'Brien: "They've Done A Great Job"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media following Tuesday's practice.

Tom O'Brien

"You don't get any better until you play. They weren't coached when they had to play, those young guys, they were thrown into the fire. They've done a great job. Certainly their experience is coming through."

"We're trying to find the right combinations for a lot of things."

"When you have experience you are much more confident."

"It helps them in the passing game because they are behind them, trying to get them in the right spot."

"Sterling is like a coach on the field. He knows the defense... he sees things quicker than a lot of the young kids do, so his experience helps."

"Coach Tenuta wanted [Lucas] in the pressbox last year watching things for him and knew that with him sitting out it would be an invaluable experience for him."

"Everybody is fighting for a job. Talbert has done a great job, Carter has the most experience, Watson is coming back from a redshirt year and certainly he adds a different dimension there, and Benson Browne is coming out of a redshirt year and has a lot of talent, but he is learning what it is like to play at this level."

"It's the first time we've had four scholarship guys who have been redshirted and you're not afraid to throw them in the football game."

"We just kind of carried it over from there. Certainly these kids have done a great job. George isn't out here for the first time in four years, but those young kids have taken to it and fighting hard."

"Sometimes they take one step forward and two steps back because they see something new and blow a gasket. It's all a part of learning. There is a lot thrown out here right now... the guys with experience have an idea because they have something to fall back on."

"What we look for is if it happens again they don't make the same mistake twice... they learn from it and get better."

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