O'Brien: "It's Been A Competitive Spring"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Tom O'Brien met with the media following Thursday's practice and discussed NC State's final preparation for Saturday's Kay Yow Spring Game and what it will be like for former football players to be in town this weekend.

Tom O'Brien

"I think we made progress today. They came out ready to practice and it was competitive and the way we want to end the last real practice before we end up with the final exam come Saturday."

"There are still some things we have to get accomplished and cleaned up tomorrow, we have to split into the teams and get special teams organized and make sure that fits."

"We have more [football alumni] registered than we've ever had. It looks like we're going to have a big crowd and it keeps getting bigger and better each year, which is great. They take it to heart when I tell them that if they know a guy who's not present, it's their job to get in touch with them and bring them back."

"We're ahead of where we are right now at the quarterback spot, with Glennon and Brosius, those two kids have a year under their belt."

"They've had a lot of practice time, and we've had an opportunity to look at the redshirt freshman and true freshman in Brian Taylor and Manny Stocker. It gives them a chance to play in front of the fans."

"The young wideouts get their opportunity, and hopefully there is a good crowd and there is some excitement because it's a little different with the coaches out here hollering at them. Those are all good things that come out of playing in the game."

"We're two-deep in the offensive line with scholarship guys and even have three guys on the third team that are scholarship. We're deeper, there is more experience and when that happens it means there is competition."

"Guys are trying to find playing time and find their way on the field. We're not set in a lot of spots up there yet and we changed some things this week."

"I think we have as many areas for evaluation, but I think we had more answers. What happens is, like I talked about there is competition. You've got guys that have played, it's not like we're down to a single guy and you're the guy and nobody is pushing you from behind. That's not the case in a lot of spots, we've tried to keep changing guys around just so they understand they don't own the jersey."

"NC State owns the jersey, and you have to earn it and get on the football field. It's been a competitive spring so far."

"Well, there is nobody [in the linebacking group] in the mold of Nate Irving. Nobody has that explosiveness on this football team right now. I think we can find guys who can be efficient as Terrell Manning was. That's what we have to do."

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