O'Brien: The Key Is Staying Healthy

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media today following the Wolfpack's open practice.

"Russell is an alumni, and it's alumni weekend. I'm glad he was able to make it back. I don't think he can be at the game tomorrow, he's got too many other things going on, but he'll be at the Holt run tomorrow."

"When we text back and forth he was excited to get back and see his teammates."

"It's the same as everybody else, be thankful you're getting an opportunity."

"He makes up for that with his legs and his intuition. The NFL is a numbers-driven league, and I think that is the thing that is maybe going against him right now."

"This always turns out to be a good practice when you have as many guys come back as we do."

"We wanted to get a couple of things on tape and we can use."

"The key to that will be to stay healthy. The start of the year was due to our health, it wasn't due to anything else."

"Knock on wood this is the healthiest we've been going through a spring practice. There are only two guys out because of injury. It's the best we've ever been, the deepest we've ever been. Hopefully that will carry over to the fall."

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