VIDEO: Gottfried Looks to Temper Expectations

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media at the Wake County Caravan. Gottfried discussed C.J. Leslie, the loss of DeShawn Painter, and much more.

"I think everybody is excited. I think the most important thing is that Calvin seems excited. I think he's in a great place, he wants to get better, and I think he is excited about our team next year."

"He had me going quite a bit... he had me believing he was out of here. He had fun with the old coach."

"I wanted him to think through a decision and be solid with it either way. I never wanted to in the process recruit him or pressure him."

"He's grown up. I think he's become more responsible... he became a little bit more of a leader in how he practiced everyday. I think he's even excited about becoming even more of a leader."

"I think [losing DeShawn Painter] hurts us a lot. You've got a guy that played 21 or 22 minutes a game and would have been a senior for us next year... he was very valuable for our team. It took us by surprise, but it's something he feels like he needs to do. I don't think there is any question it changes our team."

"What's interesting right now, it's April and there are polls coming out by people, it's amazing. So many things can happen between now and the fall. I'm glad there is excitement around our program, but I believe that we still have a long ways to go. We haven't done much yet as far as during the season. We had a nice run at the end of the year and that was great. But, we've got to do a lot more during the year."

"I think that's fair. I think we all should feel like we're better and we should improve. I would hope our team will find a way to improve from where we were last year."

"I think our whole staff did a great job. The whole staff deserves recognition, along with Bobby... I think our entire group did a great job."

"What's interesting with all the hype... you take C.J. Williams, Alex Johnson, and DeShawn Painter right now, you're talking about three of those seven that were valuable to us... we've got some big holes to fill."

"We've got some guys that we think are good players coming in, but the experience we had with two seniors and a junior leaves us with a little bigger hole right now than most people are anticipating."

"Jordan needs to step up, obviously Thomas de Thaey and Tyler Harris both have great opportunities... sometimes we'll just have to see the best way for our team to play."

"The first guy you look at to step forward is Jordan Vandenberg. He needs to improve this offseason, get his body in phenomenal shape, great condition, improve his stamina where he can hopefully be a contributor."

"I think what is the wisest thing I've learned is it's not the players sometimes you miss on that hurt your program, it's the players you take who ultimately aren't good enough that hurt your program. What you don't want to do is start signing guys to fill up a roster."

"You've got to be very careful. You got to make sure you get the right guys."

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