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<b>Ed Hardin * News & Record:</b> It means who cares about a bunch of whiners from Boston or Syracuse or Chapel Hill or Durham anyway? The people who really should be whining aren't. Take Chuck Amato. He's not scared. His new football factory over at State College has a couple of hosses to deal with now, and he should be worried that this expansion thing could cost him wins and bowl bids and the FSU job. But he's not scared of Miami, and he's not scared of Virginia Tech."

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2003 Chavis League Players and Schedule

Brian Dennison and Ray Brooks Updates

2003 Football Qualification Update

ACC Extends Formal Invitations to Miami and VT
ACC Communications

ACC courts grid powers
Aaron Beard * The Associated Press

Miami reviewing expansion offer
Tim Reynolds * The Associated Press

Hokies elated to get offer
Hank Kurz Jr. and Chris Kahn * The Associated Presss

Va. Tech withdraws from Big East lawsuit
Donna Tommelleo * The Associated Press

ACC's new direction
Joseph Smith * News & Observer

ACC a changed conference
Barry Svrluga & Barbara Barrett * News & Observer

Big price paid to get Canes
Caulton Tudor * News & Observer

Exits may become difficult
Joseph Smith * News & Observer

Swofford on expansion
News & Observer

ACC votes to ask Miami, Virginia Tech to join
Bill Cole * Winston-Salem Journal

AC-SURREAL: Money, power rise to top
Lenox Rawlings * Winston-Salem Journal

Invitees could accept today
Tim Peeler * News & Record

Tim Peeler * News & Record

Who said expansion was fair?
Ed Hardin * News & Record

ACC invites 2 from Big East
Al Featherston * The Herald-Sun

Swofford can take a breath -- for now
Neil Amato * The Herald-Sun

OK, who let the Hokies in?
frank Dascenzo * The Herald-Sun

If ACC gets 11 schools, is one more on the way?
Al Featherston * The Herald-Sun

ACC asks Miami, Va. Tech -- for now
Scott Fowler * Charlotte Observer

ACC score: 2 invitations, 1 huge mess
Scott Fowler * Charlotte Observer

Is ACC paving way for Notre Dame?
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

Will bigger ACC be better?
Ed Williams * Charlotte Observer

Miami to meet on Thursday to discuss ACC invitation
Miami Herald

Miami and Va. Tech at a glance
Charlotte Observer

ACC formally invites Miami, Virginia Tech
Steve Phillips * High Point Enterprise

Expansion reeks of desperation
Bob Sutton * Times-News

Will state's politicos stand up for East Carolina?
Al Myatt * Bonesville

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