Graham: "I'm Very Excited"

Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix, head coach Chan Gailey, and former NC State wide receiver T.J. Graham discuss the team's selection of Graham with the 69th overall pick in the third round of the 2012 NFL Draft.

On his reaction to being picked by the Bills:
I'm very excited. It's something I worked for my whole life. I'm just going to enjoy the opportunity I have now with the Buffalo Bills.

On if he expected to be selected in the third round:
I spoke with some people and they suggested that this was the earliest I would go. You expect the worst in this situation, so getting the best that they told me is a pretty good thing. I am pretty excited about it.

On how much contact he had with the Bills prior to the draft:
I had a couple of meetings with them and talked with them a couple of times. It was a destination that I saw myself going to. I am really going to enjoy it.

On if he felt good about his meetings with the Bills:
Yes, I felt really good. The meetings went well, meeting the coaching staff and Coach Gailey.

On if he considers himself a slot receiver or an outside receiver:
Anywhere I can play. It does not really matter to me; anywhere I can get onto the field and contribute to the success of the offense.

On where he lined up at North Carolina State:
Outside or inside. It depended on the defensive match-up for that week.

On his experience returning kicks and punts:
I did both all four years in college. I finished my career as the career all-time leader in ACC for kickoff return yards. This past year I led the ACC in punt return yards. I have had success on both. There were years I was better here and there.

On having returned two punts and two kickoffs for touchdowns throughout his collegiate career:
Yeah. I wish I had more though.

On if he will be able to stretch the field at the NFL level:
My speed has translated to the track and I use that to run and excel in there. On the field, I can definitely stretch the field and make the defense have to play the full field instead of the short field.


On T.J. Graham:
Buddy Nix:
Well I'm going to let Chan talk about how we use him, but we liked his speed and he can catch the football, he can return, they'll have to cover deep.

On why they moved up two spots to draft Graham:
Well, we were worried he wouldn't be there. You just don't want to get that close and not get him. The pick we gave up was 217 in the seventh (round), we had two anyway.

On if Graham is an outside or slot receiver:
Chan Gailey:
Outside guy. The speed, he's 5'11" and something, close to 6'. He can run by most everybody, I mean the guy can fly, and like Buddy said he can catch. He's got some return ability, don't know if we'll do that right off the bat, we'll let him work at receiver more than anything and try to become proficient there.

On what Graham does well:
He ran some routes. You'll see him catch what we call key routes, where they just throw it out there and he makes somebody miss and runs the football.

He was in the slot, ran down the middle, ran down the sideline. He played different spots for them and did different things for them. He wasn't just one of those little fast guys that runs the bubble all the time and they dump it to him, he wasn't one of those guys.

He is a guy that has some skill running the football and the difference with him and maybe some of the other guys we saw on film was that when he got it, he would take it and turn and go north and south and not shy away and run out of bounds. He's trying to go north and south with the football.

On Graham's track background:
If you ask him, he tells you, ‘I'm a football player that happened to run track.' He'll tell you that.

BN: He didn't miss any spring practices, he didn't miss winter workouts, he ran track around football.

On if Graham is a polished receiver right now:
He's not polished. With that speed and ability and the attitude he carries on the field, if he'd have been a three-year guy, he'd have probably been a little bit higher up the board.

On drafting a speed receiver:
Chan and I, we looked and the wide receiver position is deep and there are some guys down there that can still really run. There is a lot of speed there, some of them don't have as much of a body of work, but they've got good speed.

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