Gulla Will Camp At State

Toms River (NJ) North kicker/punterk Chris Gulla plans to camp at NC State this summer. Pack Pride has the latest on Gulla's recruitment.

Even the best high school kickers and punters are lucky if they receive college scholarships for their ability on the football field.

Since the dawn of the modern recruiting era colleges have gotten away with reserving almost all of their offers for offensive and defensive players. Specialists rarely receive offers, though the consensus is that special teams really is one-third of the game.

Chris Gulla may be one of those few kickers that ends up receiving offers.

The 6-2, 195-pound kicker from Toms River (NJ) North connected on 6-of-7 field goals last year with a long of 44. He told Pack Pride that he feels comfortable kicking from 55 and 60-yards out in practice, though again, that's only in practice. Nonetheless, it's a sign that Gulla has a huge leg.

He'll have a chance to show that power off to colleges this summer.

"I'm going down to NC State for their kicking camp in June," Gulla explained. "I just started getting contacted by Coach Petercuskie and they're starting to come on a little bit."

Gulla has never been to NC State but if you follow Wolfpack recruiting you may recognize his hometown.

"My friend Brad Henson from Mon Don actually just went down to NC State on a recruiting visit and he said he loved it. I haven't gotten to go down yet but from what he said I'm excited," he said.

"Mon Don" is Monsignor Donovan, a high school in Toms River. Henson visited NC State and North Carolina on a southern swing recently.

The fact that Gulla punts as well as kicks could further help him with colleges.

"I consider myself a kicker/punter," he said. "The National Combine Series ranks guys and they've got me ranked the number one kicker/punter in the nation."

Maryland and Penn State have both contacted Gulla and told him he has a chance to earn an offer at their kicking camps this summer.

Gulla might not jump on the first offer that comes, assuming it does. He wants to make sure he finds the right fit rather than the first opportunity.

"I definitely want a good education and a good school," he said. "It's not just about football but I do want good football. Then it will just be how I feel on campus."

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