Postgame Press Conference: NCSU-SHU

RALEIGH, NC -- Elliot Avent, Vance Williams, Brett Austin and Ryan Mathews met with the media following the Pack's NCAA tournament win over Sacred Heart on Friday night.

Postgame Press Conference

Elliot Avent

"I thought Vance had very good stuff tonight. Maybe didn't command the ball as well as he had at times but made pitches when he had to."

"They have fun. They don't panic. They think they are really good."

"They've got a lot of ability, a lot of confidence in themselves and they feed off each other pretty good. They keep your heart rate pretty easy."

"I think Vance would have been fine either way. Vance doesn't flow to the momentum of the offense - he knows what he had to do."

"[Vanderbilt] is hot. And they do a lot of things."

"They try to put pressure on the defense - and that's a good and a bad thing. Good defenses hopefully can handle it - hopefully we can handle that. The best way to handle it is to keep people off the bases. It'll be a challenge but we are looking forward to it."

Vance Williams

"Early on like coach Avent said I had a little bit of trouble with command but luckily I was able to calm down a little bit, find my command, and work through six innings."

"I was extremely excited. I've grown up a State fan my entire life and this is kinda something you dream about - being on the big stage the first game of a regional."

Ryan Mathews

"It was good for us to respond back, answer back. That's one of our goals offensively is that whenever anyone scores on us we try to answer back, kill any momentum the other team might develop."

"Fastball pretty much down the middle [on the home run]it looked like to me. I dunno if it was but in my eyes it was. Just tried to get it in the outfield."

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