Postgame PC: NC State-Vanderbilt

RALEIGH, NC -- Elliot Avent, Carlos Rodon and Ryan Mathews met with the media following the Pack's 9-8 loss to No. 2 Vanderbilt on Saturday night.

Postgame Press Conference

Elliot Avent

"I've been very proud of us all season long."

"I thought we had this game put away but I guess that just shows you its never really put away. Some crazy things happened there at the end."

"We had that big strikeout that we though ended the eighth inning. That kind of took a crazy bounce and that's how this game goes."

"It's a great game, but it can be frustrating at times."

"Ethan Ogburn is going to start [tomorrow against UNC Wilmington]."

"This makes it more difficult, but there's still a path there that can lead to this championship."

Carlos Rodon

"They were really patience up there at the plate, taking the first pitch, trying to take it to one strike. So that got me up in my pitch count."

"I was dwelling on the runner a little too much when they got on second base. I know they run a lot so it was a little tough."

Ryan Mathews

"We have to move forward. This game's over, it was a heart-breaker and you could think about it for weeks. But

"I don't really think we thought we had closed them out. We wanted to keep adding on as many as we can. They are a great ball club and I don't really think any lead is safe."

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