Bujakowski stops by NC State camp

NC State is currently evaluating several top quarterbacks from the class of 2004. Lee Bujakowski from Hopewell Virginia is one of those in the mix. He recently camped at NC State for a day. StateFans caught up with Lee for this exclusive interview.

Lee Bujakowski has spent the summer working out at a few camps this summer and getting to know the different coaching staffs and getting a glance at the programs that are recruiting him. One school on his summer tour was NC State. He camped there in June and by Lee's account it was a great camp. "The camp was great. I was down there the 18th or 19th of June. I was only able to stay for one day because of baseball this summer" said Bujakawski, "But I got to stay the one day and I got to take another tour of the new facility and I got to work out. I thought I did real well and Coach Diaz seemed pretty impressed."

Even though Lee was only able to make it for a day, he stayed a little longer than the rest of the campers for that day. ". It was like a try-out for me. I went through all the drills with all the other quarterbacks but they knew I was leaving so I stayed after practice with Coach Diaz and a couple of the coaches. We threw the ball around, just us. I think I did really well and they seemed impressed so I‘ll just have to wait and see."

The "wait and see" is all about a scholarship offer from the Wolfpack. Bujakowski feels he has done his part at the summer camp. Now, he will see if NC State continues their interest. "They said that the first couple of games of next year's season were going to be pretty important. They said they would be at one of those first three games. They are going to come watch me play and they want me to send them tape of the first 3 or 4 games next year. They haven't said a whole lot more than that. "

While NC State might not be a definitive leader at this point, they certainly have made an impression on the Hopewell Virginia quarterback. "I love NC State. I love that new facility. That new football building is awesome and incredible. It just puts everything else to shame, every else I have gone. It's a great program. I like the coaches and everything like that. It just seems to fit me as a player, so I would love NC State to be the one but they got to want me first so that's what matters."

The other camps Lee has attended this summer include Virginia, Duke, and Wake Forest. "I went to Duke and Wake Forest camps for one day also. They were good camps. I really like both of those programs too. I am not ruling anything out right now. I am very open. But NC State's program, where they are and where they are heading seems to be a little above everybody else. That's not to say I am ruling Duke out because I love Duke and I love Wake Forest also, so if I get offers from them, that would be a different story."

We asked Lee if the four camps he attended were a clue to his top schools. "It would be too early to say that. It really would. I didn't get a chance to go out to Marshal's camp only because it was cancelled. I really like Marshal a whole lot. So they are definitely not out of the picture."

The Insiders also list Maryland, North Carolina, and Purdue in the mix for Lee. "Those are definitely in there. Tennessee is in there too."

Hopewell ended up with a 9-3 record in 2002. "We lost in the State Semi-Finals to Statford County. We lost 32-29 in a very close game. We are going to try to do something about that loss this year. I finished up with a little bit over 2400 yards in passing, 24 touchdowns, and 6 interceptions."

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