VIDEO: Pack Players Talk Super Regionals

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State's Carlos Rodon, Ryan Mathews, and Trea Turner met with the media to discuss the upcoming Super Regional series with Florida.

"It's nice, another reward, but it doesn't mean much. We're trying to win a College World Series... get through the Super Regional... see what happens."

"It's nice accolades but they don't really mean anything because the big picture is to win the College World Series."

"I love this team. It's a great atmosphere and a great place to play here at the Doak. Great fans... the coaches are amazing too."

"I've only been trying to hear about guys on our team being drafted."

"I have no idea. Hopefully Saturday night, we'll see."

"I'm really excited."

"It's been crazy, ever since Monday night... it's been a dream."

"Guys get to pursue a life-long dream, most of us to play professional baseball."

"Just being able to take part in something like that Monday night has brought us so close together."

"I think it's something we're excited for."

"It's our goal to make it to Omaha and to win it."

"It's kind of weird to say we're only two games away from going to the College World Series."

"Two wins and winning the regional is big deal."

"I don't really know anything other than winning a regional as of now."

"I didn't want to set goals too high for myself."

"We've got to do all the small things right. I know they are real good with all the draft picks they have."

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