Daily Web Run * Thursday

The news for Thursday moved to speculation of a possible 12th team in the ever growing ACC. With Boston College and Syracuse now out, new names being tossed around include Notre Dame, Kentucky, Florida, South Carolina and even ECU.

Harris Named Assistant Coach

Dudley pair is drawing attention
Jeff Carlton * News & Record

Thatch is One of the State's Best

Time is right for the ACC to consider ECU
Sammy Batten * Fayetteville Observer

Hokies have arrived
Linda Chavez * News & Observer

Hokie dream a reality
Sam Newkirk * News & Observer

Beaming with pride about his program
Caulton Tudor * News & Observer

It's like Christmas for Hokies boosters
Bill Cole * Winston-Salem Journal

Locals pumped about Hokies being included in ACC
John Dell * Winston-Salem Journal

Rumors plentiful about potential 12th member of ACC
Bill Cole * Winston-Salem Journal

Will ACC do the dozen?
Bryan Strickland * The Herald-Sun

Beamer recovering from the good news
Al Featherston * The Herald-Sun

League's official unveiling offered a few surprises
Gregg Doyel * Charlotte Observer

12th team might be... Kentucky?
Caulton Tudor * Scripps Howard News Service

It's time for USC to think about ACC
Ron Morris * The State

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