Rivers Eager To Move On To 2012

Philip Rivers looks at the numbers and like any other interested Chargers observers he finds them hard to believe, too.

Philip Rivers threw a career-high 20 interceptions and lost five fumbles as the Chargers let another year slip away in 2011. Those 25 turnovers - many coming in a killer, mid-season, six-game losing streak - were among the reasons the playoffs were held without the Chargers for the second straight year.

"I think you can over-analyze it as a player of what we did good or bad," Rivers said. "And it's usually not as bad or as good as it seems."

True, while Rivers put up some ugly numbers, he also fired 27 touchdown passes and collected 4,624 yards through the air. It marked the fourth consecutive year Rivers surpassed the 4,000-yard standard.

But what sticks in his craw is his inability to consistently secure the football, and that 8-8 Chargers record which cemented their decline into mediocrity.

"That year is gone but I think you grow from it," Rivers said. "I think personally I'm going to be better from it, coming through a rough stretch and having to deal with some picks that in the past I stayed away from."

Rivers is a film-room regular, so he closely reviewed each and every one of his mistakes. But Rivers is always so upbeat and positive, that last year isn't getting him down. Instead, it is fueling the fire to get the Chargers back in the Super Bowl conversation.

"We haven't been in the postseason in two years, so every word you can use to describe that, we are: hungry, eager and everything else.

"Hey I hate to lose. We want to win a championship here and we're going to fight like crazy to do that."

That opportunity could have presented itself last year. Now this year the Chargers aren't even the favorite to win the AFC West for the first time in recent memory, when most odds-makers predicting the Denver Broncos, behind new QB Peyton Manning, will win the division.

"Obviously you got to go win games," Rivers said. "And I know one thing -- and I don't know if we ever had got caught up in the hype thing. But one thing we know now is that is not going to happen this year. But as far as our expectations, we certainly expect to win."

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