Childs Plans to Visit

Kissimmee (FL) Osceola cornerback Hassan Childs plans to visit NC State this summer.

NC State is one of the best schools at identifying players early and Kissimmee (FL) Osceola CB Hassan Childs was a prospect the Pack jumped on early with an offer.

Now Childs has offers from Indiana, UCF and FIU aside from the Wolfpack. The 6-1, 170-pound corner has been flirting with some big-name programs of late so there's a chance his recruiting could take off in the coming weeks.

"I visited Ohio State just last week for a camp," Childs said. "I thought I performed very well. I was one of the top players up there. One of the coaches gave me his card and told me to give him a call because he liked the way I played.

"I went to the University of Florida for a camp too. I thought I did good up there too. One of the coaches said he wanted to talk to me at the end of the camp but me and my coach had to leave early so I'll probably be talking to them soon."

Childs said he was supposed to go to South Florida for a camp but that was rained out and he's not sure if he will reschedule that trip anytime soon. He does know of one other visit he will be taking.

"I plan on going to North Carolina State University sometime late in July. Coach Mike Reed has been recruiting me and I've been talking to him just about every week."

While Childs still has a lot to learn about the Pack the reviews he has received from people close to him have been glowing.

"I've asked a lot of people about NC State, including a couple of doctors, and they've told me they went there and it's a nice school. I'm really looking into it. I like Coach Reed a lot. I feel like he's a great coach and I like how he does things and how he coaches.

"I know they have a very good football program too."

Childs isn't ruling out college visits between now and that trip to State in late July. He will lately take most or all of his official visits in the fall before making a decision.

The rising senior said he doesn't have any favorites yet but did indicate that a few schools are starting to impress him.

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