Pack Offers Viviano

NC State has offered quarterback Joe Viviano from Berwyn (PA) Conestoga High School.

After five sessions of camp earlier this summer, NC State decided to offer 6-5, 210-pound quarterback Joe Viviano from Berwyn (PA) Conestoga.

As a junior, Viviano completed 146 of 267 passes (55%) for 2,065 yards and 18 touchdowns. That has led to a ton of scholarship offers, particularly from academic centered schools like Harvard, Princeton, Bucknell and Yale among others.

Among the BCS schools, NC State was the first program to offer and that has left Viviano with a tough decision to make. Play big-time college football in a BCS league or attend an Ivy League school?

So what did Viviano think of NC State during his time in Raleigh and the Wolfpack's scholarship offer?

"I was kind of expecting the offer," Viviano said. "I went down to their camp and I knew they really liked me down there. They wanted to make sure they waited until all their camps were over. Once they were done they told me to give them a call. That's when they offered.

"I've been hearing from coach Petercuskie and he's definitely a great guy. I've got a good relationship with him and a great relationship with all the coaches."

That was Viviano's first trip to NC State. He toured the facilities and checked out the stadium but he didn't get to see much of the campus.

"I did look around a little bit, but not a whole lot," Viviano explained. "I definitely do have a good amount of interest in them. I don't know if I'm ready to commit, but I have really high interest in them."

Perhaps the only thing standing in the way is America's best known institution of higher learning.

"I have a lot of interest in Harvard. I was just at their camp and they told me they've got a spot for me too," he said. "They're up there. That's another school that's up there. That's probably my top two."

So is Viviano leaning more towards the ACC or the Ivy League?

"That's definitely going to be a tough choice for me," he responded. "Right now I really don't know what I'm going to do. Both ways it's a win-win. I think of it that way at least. You're going to get to play great football or you go to an Ivy League school. Either way it's a win."

Viviano said he will likely make his decision before the start of his senior season and maybe even before the start of preseason workouts in late July or early August. Within the next two or three weeks he wants to visit Georgetown and Richmond as well.

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