ABCD: Tuesday Notes

StateFans Columnist Jeff Goodman catches up with a few Wolfpack targets in Teaneck, NJ on Day One of the ABCD Adidas Camp.

J.R. Smith is still playing the waiting game, but his patience is running thin.

The St. Benedict's (N.J.) swingman, who at one time was a near-lock to attend both North Carolina and then Louisville, has UConn at the top of his list since the Tar Heels have yet to put forth an offer.

Smith forced his shot in the first day at ABCD, but he's still one of the most talented players in the country.

He also lists N.C. State, but it's more likely that he will remain either in the Big East – or head to Chapel Hill, if Roy Williams eventually decided to put forth an offer.

The first school out of Alex Galindo's mouth was N.C. State. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that the Wolfpack have the inside track to the Puerto Rican native, who will play his second season at St. Benedict's this year.

Galindo's game isn't flashy, so he tends to get lost in the shuffle somewhat at a camp such as ABCD, where most people are out to get their own points.

"I don't think it's hard for me here, though, because I think the selfish players are the ones who look bad," Galindo said. "Being unselfish makes you look better."

Galindo is versatile and can score in a variety of ways, as he displayed on Tuesday. However, he needs to get stronger and work on his defense.

Other than N.C. State, Galindo is also considering Virginia, UConn, Villanova, Rutgers, Miami and UTEP.

"I want to sign early, but I need to get more information," added Galindo, who has taken unofficial visits to both Rutgers and Villanova.

Gavin Grant beats to a different drum.

The St. Raymond's (N.Y.) swingman, who has been compared to Julius Hodge, doesn't get too involved with the whole recruiting process – instead electing to put it in the hands of his high school coach, Oliver Antigua.

"I really try and stay out of it as much as I can and let him (Oliver) handle it," Grant said. "But I tell him if I don't want to go somewhere. He knows what would be a good fit for me, though."

Grant and his team at ABCD struggled the first day, going 0-2.

"I was terrible," he admitted.

However, Grant did some of the other things that make him a coveted prospect, including getting his teammates involved.

Grant said his list is currently at nine – N.C. State, Pittsburgh, Iowa State, Syracuse, Villanova, Louisville, Kentucky, Georgetown and UConn.

"If I could, I'd pick a school right now," Grant said. "I might take all five visits and feel the coaching staffs out. I want to see for myself and speak to players on each team. I want to talk to the 12th player on the bench and the star to make sure of everything."

Grant's background is interesting. He was born in Jamaica in 1985, but his family moved to New York when he was 9 because of all the violence in Jamaica.

"I didn't start playing basketball until the eighth grade," Grant said.

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