NIKE: Inside Word

INDIANAPOLIS – The heavy hitters of college basketball were out in full force again as expected. In this segment we take you for a cruise around the gym and get you caught up on the latest skinny.

Nike Camp, Day Four

Davis, Indiana Hit It Big … Again

The word around the gym today was that James Hardy? What's next, a 2005 stud?

Inside Word

Lately there's been some talk about Charles Thomas war. The head coaches are coming out for all his games and that's Rod Barnes, Leonard Hamilton and Kelvin Sampson. …

Faces In The Crowd

Kentucky coach Darrin Horn joined that party today too. …

Mike Krzyzewski had a busy morning occupying himself with Martell Webster in the 3-on-3 session. … UNC's Joe Holladay was wearing Brian Johnson out. …

Jim O'Brien, Bill Self, Tom Izzo and Ben Braun today. …


Kalen Grimes' strength made his a terrific 3-on-3 guy. … Al Jefferson can't go unnoticed. The English prospect just wouldn't give up his ground. Now, he did a nice job but "Big Al" will eventually take what he feels is his. … Jefferson simply uses his body and an economical dribble to create just enough space to wreak havoc on the rim. If he gets separation it's a dunk. … Martell Webster's strength and overall perimeter game are ridiculous. …

Notes Akida McClain attends the same high school that North Carolina State head coach Herb Sendek did. … Arizona assistant Josh Pastner loves his t-shirts. Pastner has a summer system. He's got three colors and rotates the Arizona t-shirts in a blue, red and white order. ...


"He's really good. He's got a lot to learn. 

He's better than some people my age."

 -- Al Jefferson on Greg Oden

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