NC State Releases Updated Depth Chart

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- NC State has released an updated depth chart for the 2012 season, and one of the notable changes is senior R.J. Mattes is now listed as the starter at left guard.


  • Junior Rob Crisp is listed as the starter at left tackle with sophomore Andy Jomantas backing him up.

  • Senior R.J. Mattes is starting at left guard after starting at left tackle last season. Mattes is backed up by 2011 starter Duran Christophe.

  • Senior Andrew Wallace is listed as the starter at right tackle. Wallace started at left guard in 2010 wand was the reserve in 2011.

  • Junior Quintin Payton is listed as the starter at wide receiver.
  • Senior James Washington is the starting tailback and he is backed up by Tony Creecy, Brandon Barnes, and Mustafa Greene.

  • Sophonore Logan Winkles is starting at fullback.

  • Freshmen Mike Rose and Dave Mann are reserves at defensive end and defensive tackle respectively.

  • Junior Rickey Dowdy is listed as the starter at weakside linebacker with sophomore Rodman Noel starting at strongside.

  • Junior Jarvis Byrd is listed as the reserve at boundary corner.

    NOTE: *- Indicates a player has redshirted a season.

    2012 NC State Depth Chart
    8Mike Glennon6-6/232Sr.*
    12Tyler Brosius6-3/233So.*
    24 James Washington 6-0/195Sr.
    26 Tony Creecy 6-0/196 So.*
    9 Brandon Barnes 6-0/196 Sr.*
    33 Mustafa Greene 6-0/213 So.*
    44 Logan Winkles 6-1/240So.*
    49 Tyler Purvis 6-3/220Jr.
    Wide Receiver
    4Tobais Palmer5-11/175Sr.*
    2 Rashard Smith 5-11/176Jr.*
    13 Hakeem Flowers 6-3/182Fr.*
    Wide Receiver
    88 Quintin Payton 6-4/210 Jr.*
    80 Bryan Underwood 5-11/170So.*
    19 Maurice Morgan 6-2/225Fr.*
    Tight End
    87 Mario Carter 6-4/262Sr.*
    83 Anthony Talbert 6-4/254Jr.*
    82 Asa Watson 6-4/225Jr.*
    89 Benson Browne 6-5/246Fr.*
    Left Tackle
    78 Robert Crisp 6-7/312Jr.
    73 Andy Jomantas6-7/289So.*
    67 Quincy McKinney 6-4/304Fr.
    Left Guard
    79 R.J. Mattes6-6/306Sr.*
    62 Duran Christophe 6-6/302Jr.*
    53 Camden Wentz 6-3/301Sr.
    64 Joe Thuney6-5/265Fr.*
    Right Guard
    72 Zach Allen6-3/322Sr.*
    50 Cameron Fordham6-3/281So.*
    56 Bryce Kennedy6-3/293Fr.
    Right Tackle
    64 Andrew Wallace 6-5/304Sr.*
    74 Tyson Chandler 6-6/340So.*
    71 Alex Barr6-7/332Fr.*

    Special Teams
    Place Kicker
    32Niklas Sade6-3/195So.
    36Wil Baumann6-4/185So.
    Long Snapper
    57Scott Thompson6-0/220So.
    36Wil Baumann6-4/185S0.
    Kick Returner
    4Tobais Palmer5-11/175Sr.*
    20 C.J. Wilson 5-11/187Sr.*
    80 Bryan Underwood 5-11/170So.*
    Punt Returner
    2 Rashard Smith 5-11/176 Jr.*
    1David Amerson 6-3/194Jr.
    Defensive End
    55 Brian Slay 6-3/290Sr.
    95 Art Norman 6-1/242So.*
    97 Sylvester Crawford 6-4/240Jr.*
    90 Mike Rose 6-4/232Fr.*
    Defensive Tackle
    69 Thomas Teal 6-2/315So.*
    76 Deylan Buntyn 6-4/330Jr.
    94 Dave Mann6-3/249Fr.*
    Defensive Tackle
    75 T.Y. McGill 6-1/290So.
    70 Carlos Gray 6-3/321Fr.*
    65 A.J. Ferguson 6-3/281Jr.
    Defensive End
    92 Darryl Cato-Bishop 6-4/281Jr.*
    97 Forrest West 6-1/270Jr.*
    98 McKay Frandsen 6-3/255Sr.
    Weakside Linebacker
    34 Rickey Dowdy 6-2/240Jr.*
    45 Michael Peek 6-2/215So.
    Middle Linebacker
    7 Sterling Lucas 6-2/238Sr.*
    43 Ryan Cheek 6-1/240Jr.*
    49 Zach Gentry 6-0/227Sr.
    Strongside Linebacker
    5 Rodman Noel 6-3/210So.
    39 Brandon Pittman 6-3/216So.
    Field Cornerback
    1David Amerson 6-3/194Jr.
    11 Juston Burris 6-1/193Fr.*
    37 Tyrrell Burriss 5-11/177Fr.*
    Boundary Safety
    27 Earl Wolff 6-0/201Sr.*
    38 Hakim Jones 6-2/190 Fr.*
    Free Safety
    30 Brandan Bishop 6-2/210Sr.
    25 Dontae Johnson 6-3/190 Jr.
    Boundary Cornerback
    20 C.J. Wilson 5-11/187Sr.*
    14 Jarvis Byrd 5-11/186Jr.*

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