Wolff: "People Know Who We Are"

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- NC State senior safety Earl Wolff spoke to the media on Sunday at the ACC Football Kickoff about the upcoming 2012 season.

Earl Wolff Audio

"I started really liking the safety position. When I came to NC State, I came in as an athlete, and they moved me to safety."

"This we'll play Clemson and [David Amerson] will probably be on Watkins."

"Dave is a competitor, and he loves doing things like that."

"Over there on the field side, it's always been that way. His freshman year he was on the boundary with me and he had zero [interceptions]. Last year he had 13... big jump."

"[Amerson] is just an instinctive guy. He makes plays... he's a playmaker."

"Now people know who we are. They might try to run the ball a little more, I'm not sure what will happen but whatever does happen we'll be ready for it."

"Football, you have to watch a lot of film. That's the transition from high school. In high school you just play."

"We go out and do drills and we work on our weaknesses."

"We might have fewer interceptions... it's hard to tell, but I know when the ball is in the air we're going to make plays. All of us, we have this confidence now."

"I try to keep everybody up... I'm the hype guy on the team. A lot of people say I'm dramatic, but I do it purposely."

"It was injuries, I felt like that hurt a couple of people's confidence."

"I feel like me and Brandon might have to come up and help with the run a little more, but a lot of people don't know we have a guy named Carlos Gray, and he is a monster. He's really, really good."

"I think we do [have the best secondary in the ACC]. With the experience and athleticism we have, it's ridiculous. I feel like we can do anything."

"We have to watch more film and make sure we're crafting our technique... everything starts in practice."

"We're playing them at home. Any team we play at home we give them a good fight."

"[E.J. Manuel] is a dual threat. He can do it all."

"As the season goes on they may get there."

"Sterling will be in the middle and he's been there for a while. He knows the defense like the back of his hand."

"We came out with a different energy that we've never had before [against Clemson]. That game we were clicking on all cylinders."

"It allowed me to learn the game more. I feel like I'm going to be even better."

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