VIDEO: Glennon, Wolff Talk 2012 Season

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- NC State seniors Mike Glennon and Earl Wolff met with the TV and Internet video media at the ACC Kickoff.

Mike Glennon
"The first day I got there we got to work with the Manning brothers out on the field, and that was a great experience."

"You kind of realize the separation, from top guys to bottom, there is not much."

"This has to be one of the most talented groups of quarterbacks that the ACC has seen."

"Having 11 starters back with the other one being a guy with starts is pretty impressive."

"It has to be exciting for a fan to watch."

"Our No. 1 priority is to win at our school, but of course we want to see the ACC well-represented and considered an elite group and elite conference."

"[FSU] is the most athletic defense I faced last year... the majority of their defense is NFL prospects."

"I'm excited about the challenge and it will really give me an opportunity to see how I stack up against the best."

"All the guys that came in with me in my class, we're really good friends and we feel like [the offensive line] is going to be the core of our offense."

"We think our offensive line is going to be really crucial to how well we play on the offensive side of the ball."

"We want to win the ACC more than anybody."

"We came here to win an ACC championship and for some of us this is our last go-around."

"We want to represent the ACC, but more importantly we want to represent NC State and get off to a good start."

"I want to be as successful as possible."

Earl Wolff
"Dave Amerson had 13 interceptions so I highly doubt they are going to continue to throw his way. Most likely that will give me, Brandan, C.J., and Dontae more opportunities to make plays."

"We just have a great four or five back there this year, and I feel like we're going to make a lot of plays."

"Starting with our sophomore year we won nine games and my junior year we won eight games. This year we're trying to break that mark of winning 10 or more, which means reaching an ACC championship.

"If we win an ACC championship it would be big for our program and big for our school. That's our goal this year."

"I feel like winning that first game against Tennessee will give us that drive for the whole season."

"It will give us the confidence to continue to win games."

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