ABCD Underclassmen All-Star Game

TEANECK, N.J. – The underclass all-star game at ABCD Camp didn't have quite the same flair it did last year when Sebastian Telfair and Darius Washington didn't pull any punches. It did however; feature some great efforts from guys like Tasmin Mitchell and Brandon Rush.

It was going to be hard to duplicate last year's underclass all-star game. For starters, the game didn't have the same kind of star power that Telfair, Livingston, Howard and Washington brought to the table last year.

Regardless, it was the best young kinds that ABCD had to offer and there were good players on the court. Before we forget, the Gold team defeated the Black team 117-93 but who really cares?

What you need to know is that Brandon Rush (15 points, 5 rebounds) was the best prospect on the floor. I know, a lot of you are probably shaking your heads wondering why he was in the game. He's a senior, right? Wrong.

Rush has been reclassified as a junior and will attend Mount Zion Christian Academy this fall. The brother of Kareem and Jaron put it all together this week. Form the moment we arrived here he's been terrific. In this game he did everything from finish with flair to finish his jumpers.

He's got Jaron's size and Kareem's scoring package and he's starting to really heat up.

Aside from Rush, Tasmin Mitchell strung together a great effort. He had 15 points in the decisive third quarter and really set the tone for the rest of the game. He finished with 20 points and 12 boards.

As you might have figured from taking a gander at the final score, the kids had fun in this one. So much fun that the game had its lighter moments. For instance, guard Jawan Carter put on a little dribbling exhibition that culminated with him bouncing the rock off Tony Freeman's head. Now Freeman wasn't really jacked up about that part, but again, it was an all-star game and it was all for show.

Here's a look at the boxscore from the game.

BLACK (93) – Tony Freeman 18, Brandon Rush 15, Tyler Smith 14, Paul Harris 13, Harvey Hale 10, Jose Garcia 9, Antonio Pena 4, Taylor King 3, Mitchell Carter 3, Theo Davis 2, Darryl Augustine 2.

GOLD (117) –Tasmin Mitchell 20, Andre McGee 20, Jawan Carter 12, Brandon Costner 11, Dior Lawhorn 10, Mario Chalmers 8, Clarence Holloway 8, Jeremy Pargo 7, Ryan Ayers 6, O.J. Mayo 4.

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