AUDIO: Gottfried Breaks Down Spain Opener

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried discussed his team's play in their opening win of the Spain exhibition tour.

Mark Gottfried

"Early in the game we weren't moving our feet really well and got ourselves into trouble defensively... put us into some foul trouble."

"I think once we settled down we really started to play much better. Zone helped us some and I liked our defense a little bit more in the second and third quarters. I think that was probably the key to us tonight."

"I think [the two freshmen] did a lot of good things, no question... T.J. [Warren] obviously in the first half, he's got a nose for the ball and finds ways to get the ball in the basket. He did some good things there and we still have to get him to rebound and concentrate on rebounding more. I thought defensively T.J. was pretty good."

"Tyler at times did some really good things... as a young guy, just getting comfortable where he begins to take charge just a little bit more." "I think he's going to get there and that is the advantage to having one of the these trips for young players."

"I think that's all part of learning... overall Tyler did some other things pretty well."

"I hate that he is not here. I feel terrible for him because he's a young guy that I think has worked very hard academically and done everything asked of him to do. It's tough because this is an opportunity... T.J. and Tyler are going through experiences in the game they can learn from and improve on and Rodney isn't going through that now."

"Hopefully it will be cleared up soon. It's in the hands of the NCAA Clearinghouse. Our staff at NC State has done a great job, I think the high school is doing a great job. Now you're at a point where they have to sort through everything and make a determination. Hopefully, for him and our team it will get resolved pretty quickly."

"When you start in October and have those November games, sometimes it's five or six games before you start to learn things about your team... today, we're learning that. T.J. was on the floor, Tyler was on the floor... I had Tyler on the floor the last three or four minutes on purpose. I wanted him to be in that situation, to learn that."

"It's a great trip for these young guys... on the court, it's a great opportunity for us to take steps forward, learn, and make sure our young guys are improving."

"Even our veteran guys, they are going to get a lot out of this trip as well."

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