Gottfried: "We Got A Little Bit Better"

NC State head coach Mark Gottfried discussed his team's play in their second win of the Spain exhibition tour.

Mark Gottfried

"I think our defense early in the game was so much better than yesterday. We got a little bit better."

"Even though we played last night, we seemed to be a lot pressure. We contained the dribble better. It really gave us trouble yesterday, and today our guys got down and really moved their feet, contained the ball."

"There were some real positives. I think offensively we did some things well but we just struggled to score around the rim. We had 80 but could have had 100 if we just made some shots around the rim."

"Today it was one of those situations where [Thomas de Thaey] helped himself. He did a good job."

"I think both games have been good for different reasons. Yesterday was a little closer game than today... they are hard to guard. It's unusual because the big players are so good off the dribble. The 6'8/6'9 guys that Calvin, Richard, Jordan, and Thomas are guarding, can all go somewhere with the ball and that's not something we're accustomed to seeing a lot in the United States. That's been good."

"It's nice to see Zo... he just looks really healthy. We've talked to our doctors a ton of times and they say turn him loose, he's ready to go. I've tried to temper his minutes a little bit but he's looked good."

"Scott I thought was really good today. I liked Scott's pumpfake, one-bounce dribble today. He's worked on it all summer and he's got to get used to that. Guys are flying at him and he's got to be able to put it on the floor once or twice and be able to get a good shot at the end of that. I think he did a nice job with that today as well."

"There will be times where Tyler and Lorenzo will play together. Obviously without Rodney Purvis here we're a perimeter player short in my opinion. That's just the way it is, you deal with it. I think Rodney would get a lot of those minutes, but he's not here."

"Tyler [Lewis] has done a good job. Tyler was a lot better today. Yesterday I thought defending some of these guys, a little older, bigger, stronger, today he was much more in tune defensively, down in his stance, really fighting through screens."

"I thought [Lewis] took command of the offense a little bit better. Every young player has a ways to go, but his command, his presence offensively... getting our team into our offense, initiating our offense, getting guys where they are supposed to be, understanding when to push it, when to pull it back out... he did a much better job today than he did yesterday."

"[Leslie] is so quick with the ball, when he brings it up with control... he can get to the rim so quick. He's done a really good job with that. Overall, daily he tries to get a little bit better. He was good today, he rebounded the ball really well.

"I think he and T.J. both had more shots around the rim that for some reason didn't go in the basket, but both of those two guys did a good job."

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