Media Day: Tom O'Brien

Tom O'Brien met with the reporters during the Pack's media day on Saturday, discussing the progress of the program in his sixth year and the team's goals for the 2012 season.

Tom O'Brien

"Manny Stocker came in at mid-year which was good for us. He's been through a spring practice, been through a semester, been through a summer. Right now he will be the back-up quarterback going into the fall."

"He's half of a red-shirt freshman instead of a true red-shirt freshman. He's very talented, very poised – he has a real grasp of the offense. He's ahead of where he should be because he had that spring semester."

"What we have to do is prepare him the best we can. I have in the past played the back-up quarterback somewhere in the 2nd quarter just to get him in the game, especially early. I dunno if the Tennessee stage is the right spot to do that with him."

"We had three guys that were held out [for academic reasons] – they had to do what they had to do. Two of them came and one of them left."

"We had another injury and Bryan Underwood is having surgery. He's out indefinitely – feel bad for Bryan and for Michael Peek. They were having excellent camps."

"[Dowdy] has been around in the program, he had a really good spring. He's improved himself here in this camp and we certainly need him to come through for us this fall."

"We may end up playing 12 guys up front, the way it works out. There are a lot of guys fighting for jobs. We might be able to play a lot of different people in a lot of different schemes this year because of the experience we have. We're still working through those things here in camp."

"[The scrimmage] was much more competitive; a little more fire out there. I think we saw some improvement out of some of the guys we needed to see improvement out of, we are certainly still a long way away but this was a step in the right direction – something we can build on."

"[Stocker] is getting as many [snaps] as Glennon is right now - 50/50 right now. When we start getting ready for Tennessee, then it generally goes 2-to-1."

"We finally have some experience; we have some depth on this football team. We have kids who understand the system that they're in, which allows you to practice a little bit better – to keep adding to both the offensive and defensive side of the football."

"On a positive note, our APR projected for next year is 973 which is an all-time record here at NC State. We just figured that out after this semester."

"You talk about the ACC Championship as the goal you set out when the season starts. But in order to do that you have to focus in on the task at hand each and every week."

"We always want that to be our goal but we have to be concerned right now with getting to be a much better football team individually so that collectively we can put it together and have success."

"You want to be consistent week in and week out. You can't ride the roller coaster and be so high one week and so low the next – you want to be consistent. You should be able to play at a high level each and every week and get better."

"The main concern right now for us it the young kids on the edge. Mattis seems to fit in at guard perfectly; those three seniors in the middle are doing pretty well."

"[Caldwell] is getting onto the field because he had issues with his paperwork getting accepted here at State. So we finally got that cleared up – the next two weeks will give us a much better picture of what he can do and what he can't do and how he can help us."

"It's imperative that he somehow finds a way to learn."

"There's a lot of competition going on back there – hopefully with Mustafa by the time he gets his practices in he'll be able to get on the field for the scrimmage on Tuesday night. He'll get added to the mix."

"We've got some decisions to make at that point but my experience is they'll separate themselves at that point."

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