VIDEO: Amerson Remains Focused

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State cornerback David Amerson knows that he must remain focused as he enters his junior season.

"I know I have to stay focused. All the expectations help me this year. I don't look at is as pressure anything because I hold myself to a high standard. I think it's good that other people do too."

"I know I have great teammates on the other side of the ball and everywhere else on the field so I have confidence they will make the play too. I'll be just as happy."

"I wouldn't say I'll get bored. I'll get excited for my other teammates as well."

"I think I'm very prepared. I try not to let it get to me and I still have to produce on the field."

"Solid tacklers and playmakers each game... we want to go on the field and make the big plays, show up when it's crunch time and be someone that our team can rely on to make plays for them."

"Focused... I'm a lot more focused this year. I know my team is holding me to a high standard as well as everyone else so I have to be prepared and stay focused."

David Amerson

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