Pack Pride Q&A: James Washington

Pack Pride talks with NC State senior tailback James Washington as he prepares for his senior season.

Pack Pride talks with NC State senior tailback James Washington as he prepares for his senior season.

How big is it to have Mustafa Greene back? What will he add to the offense?
I think he will add more depth. Now we have three guys that can potentially break the game wide open with the run.

He adds another dimension out of the backfield. He's a good pass receiver. That adds another weapon for us. We should be better on offense.

What improvements have you seen from Tony Creecy?
He is a lot better with reading the fronts and finding holes. He's able to get to a more game-like tempo. He has improved a lot in comparison to last year.

All three of the returning tailbacks have had seasons of over 20+ catches. How big is that for your offense?
That's one of the things we stress. We try to get out of the backfield and make plays, along with the run and protecting Mike, the quarterback.

That is something that we have to do if the receivers can't get open or we have to throw a hot route. We have to get open and try to catch the ball and make a play.

What have you seen from Shadrach Thornton?
He's good. The first couple of days here he has been breaking tackles. He has had some speed plays. He's catching on to the playbook.

He's going to be real in the future.

What do you see as the biggest difference in Mike Glennon?
I think he is getting a lot better at reading coverages. He is seeing what they are doing and anticipating what he should do with the ball.

That helps with the passing game.

How much confidence does that give the offense, knowing he has the experience?
That gives us a lot of confidence, knowing that going into a play he can read what defenses are doing and beat them. That helps us out a lot. We don't want to stall on a drive or get stopped on a play.

Coach O'Brien says that one of your best traits is that you don't lose speed during the course of a game. You're just as explosive in the fourth quarter as you are in the first. Talk about that.
Me being able to run as hard in the first and the fourth is key because late in the game is when it really counts. A lot of games are won in the fourth.

I'm able to push through tiredness and soreness and make plays in the fourth as well as in the first.

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