O'Brien: "We Have To Be Better"

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Tom O'Brien met with the media following NC State's third preseason scrimmage and discussed the goals of a situational scrimmage, the status of wide receiver Bryan Underwood and what the Wolfpack have to do in order to get ready for the season opener against Tennessee in Atlanta.

Scrimmage Stats

Passing: 14 of 38 passes for 244 yards... one touchdown and one interception
Rushing: 46 carries for 121 yards

Sacks: 9 sacks

Special Teams
Punting: 9 for average of 46.4 yards
Kicking: two of three on field goals, 32 and 35 with a 53-yard miss.

Tom O'Brien

"I think we'll get a lot out of (this scrimmage). Good competition, we ended up with two overtime situations, which was good."

"It's meant to be the last four minutes of a game and to figure out how to win the game whether you've ahead, behind or tied. And play to the clock and the timeouts. The kicking game becomes involved, so it's much more of a mentally challenging scrimmage than the others have been."

"This is where it kind of separates the men from the boys. They get an opportunity come Sunday, so once again you hope we'll play these situations and some of them will get better. Because some of them are going to have to be in these situations."

"When we started out (in 2007), it was total chaos. They are into the flow of things now. I can remember the second year when Russell Wilson was a redshirt freshman and Mike Glennon was a true freshman, we were trying to decide a quarterback and we were playing this thing. I don't think we released stats that night, but I think we were about 6 of 35 throwing the ball in this situation, so you have to understand it."

"We took some bad sacks tonight, and that can't happen. Those are all things that young kids do, they have to figure out that it's better to throw the ball away and take the down than take the sack and keep the clock running."

"You're in situations where you have to run the ball and the defense knows you are running, and you are in situations where you have to throw the ball and the defense knows it. The advantage, in most of this time, is to the defense because they know what the heck is coming by what the down and distance of the game."

"Did we throw the ball good enough to win the opening game? No, if this were the opening game and this was the way we played, we're not going to win. But we have time to do it and we're going to go out and do it again."

"We have to be better. I'll have to go back and count but I'd guess we're at about a 30 percent success rate on offense, which we have to be better. That's a point of emphasis right now. It's a tough situation, but you get three downs to get 10 yards and you have to figure out how to do it and keep the clock running."

"Bryan Underwood has a knee, which is indefinite. He had surgery when we were talking last, so it's a question of when they doctors tell us he's ready to go. No injury report until week five, show up and figure it out."

"It's hard for me, I have to go look at tape. I think (the linebackers) are making progress. I hear Jon Tenuta hollering at them, so they aren't making total progress."

"Tyrrell Burriss moved to wide receiver before the Underwood injury. He has a better chance of getting on the field on offense right now than defense."

"It's a challenge for the (young) wide receivers, that's one of the reasons I hired a wide receivers coach. They're learning as we go along, the quarterback can help them because he can tell them where they need to be. Mike is light years ahead of where he was a year ago with the concepts of the offense. That's not even a question for him anymore. Now it's a matter of executing and making plays, and I think he's helping him do some of those things."

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