O'Brien discusses fourth scrimmage

Tom O'Brien updated the progress of his team following their fourth scrimmage of the fall, discussing the situations at linebacker and wide receiver.

Scrimmage Stats

Passing: 16 of 25 passes for 192 yards
Rushing: 40 carries for 98 yards

Sacks: 5 sacks

Special Teams
Punting: 2 for average of 35 yards
Kicking: two of two on field goals, 24 and 38

Tom O'Brien

"The younger guys scrimmaged for a half. As I told them it was like their final exam. We have some decisions to make - what guys make the trip with us to Tennessee or not depending on depth and what we have to do."

"We were a little better this week than we were the last one so we are moving the right direction."

"We did some things [with the linebackers] again this week and that's all part of the decision-making process. We'll still go through three days of practice this week before we start getting ready for Tennessee so we aren't totally finished but we are getting close to the way we are going to get lined up."

"We've got four guys [at running back] that have played in football games and they are all fighting for playing time."

"You can see that [Greene] is back. He's pretty good assignment wise looked like he hadn't lost anything with going the right direction - his pass protection especially."

"[Caldwell] is still swimming right now. He's fighting through, trying to get through. He got a lot of snaps today and we have to make some determinations on whether he is ready to help us or not."

"[The wide receivers] are tired. Their legs are dead, they are ragged right now so we have to help get their legs back this week. We're going to need all the speed and quickness we can get when we play."

"Tuesday defensively we'll work on the option. Offensively we'll probably work on Connecticut and South Alabama on Tuesday and Wednesday just to get back in that mode."

"One of the things you have to test them on is you have to change week-to-week - the defense has seen the same thing for 21 days. You gotta start changing up on them because you have to learn each and every week what you are going to do."

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