Pack Pride Q&A: Deylan Buntyn

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Junior Deylan Buntyn will be called on to contribute early this season, and Pack Pride talks with the Wolfpack's defensive tackle.

A junior college transfer from New Mexico Military Institute, Deylan Buntyn enrolled at NC State in January and has two years of eligibility remaining.

A high school defensive end out of Havelock (NC), Buntyn has added forty pounds in three years and now checks in at 6-foot-4 and 330 pounds. He will be called on to contribute right away for the Wolfpack, and he recently talked with Pack Pride about the upcoming season.

How has camp been going for you?
It's going great. It's been long and tough, but I made it through.

How did going to junior college help your transition to NC State?
Being in junior college actually gave me more college experience so I kind of knew what it was going to be like, but being here... it's much more fast-paced.

Guys are so much more stronger.

What do you see as your role heading into the season?
My role right now... my main focus is to get better. I want to work on everything I need to work on to make it to the top and help the team.

I want to be an impact on the team and help us win an ACC championship.

Coach O'Brien has talked about how deep the defensive line is. How does that help a player like you?
The depth helps me because even though we have two starting defensive tackles we're always fresh. Even if we get tired someone is going to come in and be able to make plays.

You were a high school defensive end who could really rush the passer. How has that impacted your transition to defensive tackle?
Being a defensive end helped me because I've learned how to use my hands and keep guys off me. I learned several tricks like keeping my shoulders low or bulldozing through them if that's the play.

Is there a leader along the defensive line?
Yes, I'd say Cato... [Darryl] Cato-Bishop. He's been boosting everyone up and keeping us all pumped up every single practice.

He is a great leader, and I'm happy I'm on the same side as him.

Art Norman had a breakout redshirt freshman season at defensive end. What are your impressions of him after seeing him in practice?
I think he's the greatest pass rusher I've ever been around. I'm not going to lie about that.

Even though he might be small in size, he's unbelievably quick. His hands are unbelievably quick, and he gets by his opponent every single time. If he has to bullrush them he just knocks the lineman over. Really, it's amazing to watch.

What have you seen from T.Y. McGill and Carlos Gray?
T.Y. is very quick off the ball. He's strong and knows how to use his hands.

Carlos, he can be a great player. Sometimes he needs to stay low and use his hands more, but once he gets that straight I think he can be a first-round draft pick.

At defensive tackle NC State has to replace two NFL draft picks. Outside expectations might be low for the group. How confident are you guys that you can get the job done?
As a group, when I first got here it wasn't a group but as time has progressed we're all much closer and helping each other out.

We're trying to do our job and become one and ever since then it's been great. We're getting better everyday.

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