Locker Room Report: Tom O'Brien

Tom O'Brien spoke with the media following the Pack's game with Tennessee on Friday night.

Tom O'Brien

"You have to give Tennessee a lot of credit. Too many big plays we gave up on defense, especially in the first half, three huge plays that we got on us. And we turned the ball over too many times. Four interceptions. You can't win when you do those things."

"I don't think the [stretch at the end of the first quarter] was demoralizing at all. Our kids came back and scored and kept fighting and kept playing the game. It was a tough situation. Our kids kept playing, but we didn't play good enough."

"I think they just got ran by. Those wide receivers, they're good, they are big and they can run. Both of them were on the other side from me so I didn't see them unfold. I can't see those things at my level."

"It's a football team, it's not two guys. They made two pretty good interceptions on [Mike Glennon]. The second one and the third one, they got pretty good position and figured it out."

"After they got the ball over our heads, at the end of the first half and early second half, they started working unders and overs. That's something that we have to get corrected going forward here."

"There is obviously some positives. We played a lot of guys. This can still be a heck of a football team. There is no reason why we can't go win 11 games and that's how we're going to approach it. We have to iron those things out."

"We missed a lot of tackles. Whether it was a matter of fatigue or whatever, we just didn't make plays. On the one touchdown, we had four guys that had a shot at him and he just ran through them. Those are things that can be corrected and they have to be corrected if we're going to be successful."

"We didn't know a lot about Cordarralle Patterson. When the other kid was suspended, holy cow, if they would have had him with all those other guys out there. He obviously is a heck of a player and he compliments."

"We had our opportunity and didn't make the most of it."

"You can't turn the football over. You can correct those things, it's not like something that we have no chance of fixing. If we get back on the practice field, which we will come Sunday, and go play better next weekend and win the football game."

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