Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

Several NC State players met with the media following the Pack's game against Tennessee on Friday evening.

Mike Glennon

"We just have to execute better, I have to execute better. We're going to learn from the tape, move on and get ready for UCONN."

"I'm going to go back, learn from those mistakes and be a better player."

"They have very good athletes. An SEC opponent, you're going to expect them to be very fast. You have to give them a lot of credit."

Quintin Payton

"Coach called my number and I was able to go make the plays they called. It hurts to lose, Tennessee played great."

"We're going to spread the ball around, it's not one guy that's going to get off every game. We don't single one guy out."

Earl Wolff

"It was basically breakdowns. It's not anything we can't fix, so starting Sunday we have to go out to practice and prepare for UCONN. That's what we're thinking about now."

"It was minor breakdowns, nothing we can't fix. We're going to watch the film and learn from our mistakes."

"They had a couple of good receivers that made big plays."

David Amerson

"I was anticipating a little bit of help, but it's completely my help. It's a mental error on my part, and I take all the blame. I gave up the touchdown."

"They are good receivers, but it's nothing we haven't seen before."

"I watched Patterson on film and he's a good receiver. I give him all the credit."

"For myself, it's not acceptable. I can't continue to have games like this. We're way better than that, we'll definitely have to improve as the season moved forward."

Brian Slay

"It was minor mistakes on us. A lot of stuff that happened today was us not executing our assignments."

"We got hurt on the big plays, and it kinds of upsets you when you see big plays like that happen."

"Being a defensive lineman, I take pride in [getting pressure on the quarterback]. We're going to get better from it, we definitely have to do a better job getting to the quarterback."

Mustafa Greene

"We're down right now, but we have to look forward to the next game. Prepare and give a little more effort than we did tonight."

"The offensive line did pretty good. I got what I got because of them, and I felt good running behind them."

"This doesn't determine our season, we have to fight for the next game."

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