PC: Palmer, Cato-Bishop Meet The Media

RALEIGH, NC -- Tobais Palmer and Darryl Cato-Bishop met with the media on Monday afternoon to discuss the Pack's upcoming game with UCONN.

Tobais Palmer

"It ties back to last year. We got off to a slow start and that's one thing we're not trying to do this year. It was just the first game."

"I feel everyone is going to be on the same page and we're going to have a little bit more urgency to get to where we want to be."

"We're looking forward to going into Connecticut with a better head than we did last week."

"I knew they were going to target in on me and that kind of opened it up for more of the other guys like Quintin who had an outstanding game. I hope he continues to build on that."

"Coach Walters brings a lot to the table. He has a lot of experience coming from Stanford and going into the NFL."

"I don't know much about [UCONN]. I just worry about NC State."

"I think it worked fine. When the guys got in they made big plays. Mustafa had big plays, along with Tony Creecy and James Washington."

"I hate it, but it's something I have to deal with."

"It's one of those opening game things... it goes back to having all those butterflies in your stomach."

"It's the first game, we have 11 more games to go and I feel as we go forward we'll be more stronger and confident as a receiving corps. We're not going to be dropping anymore passes like that."

"Quintin has improved a lot coming from last season to being a starter. He has progressed and has that mentality that he wants to be better and an impact receiver."

"Our secondary is one of the tops in the nation."

"We just have to be confident in what we do and how we do it."

Darryl Cato-Bishop

"When you lose, you've always got to re-evaluate yourself as a team."

"I think up front we needed to apply more pressure to make him move around in the pocket. That was our job up front."

"It's our responsibility to get to the quarterback, and we didn't do it. We've got to do a better job of that."

"We've got to do a better job on defense of getting off the field on third down."

"We got beat deep but we didn't put any pressure on the quarterback. We allowed him to make those throws over the top."

"It was loud in there and he made the right calls. For some of the young guys ."

"He's our leader on defense."

"We're trying to get on a winning streak. After we win one game we can work on winning another game."

"That's Dave. He's an All-American. I think he'll be perfectly fine. He makes big plays."

"It was game one. You make the biggest changes and adjustments from week one to week two."

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