Week 1: NC State Play Chart

Here is an in-depth breakdown of NC State player snaps after the first game of the season. R.J. Mattes and Camden Wentz played the most snaps on the offensive side of the ball, and defensive backs Dontae Johnson and Earl Wolff led the way defensively.

  • Highest Snap Count:
    OFFENSE: OL R.J. Mattes, C Camden Wentz (82)

    DEFENSE: S Earl Wolff, CB Dontae Johnson (79)

  • Juniors DE Forrest West, LB Robert Caldwell (special teams only), and DT Deylan Buntyn played the first snaps of their careers.

  • Sophomore DB Josh Stanley (special teams only) played the first snaps of his career.

  • Eight redshirt freshmen received the first snaps of their careers: WR Hakeem Flowers, WR Maurice Morgan, DE Mike Rose, DT Carlos Gray, DT Dave Mann, CB Juston Burris, S Hakim Jones, and TE Benson Browne (special teams only).

  • Wide receiver Charlie Hegedus was the only true freshman to play in the game.

  • Five players got their first career start with NCSU: RB Tony Creecy, TE Asa Watson, WR Quintin Payton, LB Brandon Pittman, and LB Rickey Dowdy.

    OL - 8
    QB - 1
    FB - 1
    RB - 3
    WR - 7
    TE - 2
    DE - 7
    DT - 5
    LB - 4
    CB - 4
    S - 3

    NOTE: Included in the chart is a breakdown of snaps played by each player on each side of the ball, a look at the total snaps played by class, and a look at the snaps played by class offensively and defensively.

    The chart will be updated following each game.

    Week 1: NC State Play Chart

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