Happy To Be Home

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State is 1-1 after a tough loss in the Georgia Dome against Tennessee and a close victory on the road over UConn. Wolfpack quarterback Mike Glennon is happy to finally have a chance to play in front of the Pack faithful.

NC State is 1-1 after a tough loss in the Georgia Dome against Tennessee and a close victory on the road over Connecticut. Wolfpack quarterback Mike Glennon is happy to finally have a chance to play in front of the Pack faithful.

"We're looking forward to coming home," said Glennon. "We've faced two good opponents [on the road]. You look across the country and some teams haven't done that, but it is the way our schedule sets up.

"We think it's great to finally come home and play in front of our home crowd. We're excited about it."

Glennon and the rest of the offense are looking to break out this weekend against South Alabama. Turnovers were a major problem versus Tennessee, and at UConn the Pack really never got going offensively, totaling just 10 points in the win.

"Well, I think the first thing is that was a very good defense we played," Glennon said of UConn. "They are going to be a good team in the Big East. That's a tough defense. They are fast, active, and they really got after us.

"That's a challenge we faced, and I think we're going to keep building on what we did good and correct what we did wrong."

So far, the numbers for the unit aren't impressive. State ranks No. 93 in total offense, averaging 332.5 yards per game. While the passing offense has been solid (No. 59: 246 YPG), the rushing attack has struggled (No. 107: 86.5 YPG), and the Pack's five turnovers is one of the worst totals in the country through two games.

Glennon, who has accounted for four of those five turnovers, remains upbeat about his group because he believes they will only get better as the season progresses.

"I think the thing about the offense is we're not going to make the same mistakes twice," he said. "We're going to learn from our mistakes, see what we did wrong, correct it, and execute the next time we go out there.

"We want to be better as an offense, and we're going to be better as an offense. We just need to keep learning from our mistakes and going from there."

Turnovers weren't really an issue in the loss to UConn as State had just one, a Mustafa Greene fumble in the first quarter. However, the offensive line had problems with UConn's blitzing schemes, and the tight ends, who totaled nine catches for 96 yards against Tennessee, didn't record a catch.

"I think it was maybe the way the defensive schemes set up," Glennon responded when asked about the lack of production from the tight ends. "The tight ends have played really well. [UConn] might have been working to take them away... I'm not totally sure. I just read what I have to read and go from there."

Next up for Glennon and the Pack is South Alabama. The Jaguars (1-1) are coming off a 9-3 home win over Nicholls State where they held the Colonels to just 118 yards of total offense while forcing three turnovers.

South Alabama is a member of the Sun Belt Conference that also includes Louisiana-Monroe, the talk of college football this week after knocking off No. 8 Arkansas 34-31 in overtime. Don't expect the Jaguars to come into Carter-Finley intimidated at all by the Wolfpack.

"I think they are a real athletic group," said Glennon. "Coming from that conference, you look at what happened to Arkansas... you can't ever underestimate the opponent. They are going to be excited to come in and play a BCS school, especially after seeing what happened last week. They feel like they can be that team this week.

"We just have to really focus on ourselves, execute, and we feel like, regardless of the opposition, we have to play our game and execute how we've been taught."

State might be 1-1 and with obvious areas where they must improve, but the season is just getting started. Certainly there are major goals still in play for the Wolfpack.

"Obviously we want to win them all, but we weren't able to do that," added Glennon. "We still have all our conference games, and we can still win the conference. We feel like we've faced two really good opponents. I think UConn is going to be a real good team in the Big East and obviously Tennessee is a successful SEC opponent.

"We still feel like we can win the ACC championship. We just have to learn from our mistakes and not let them happen again."

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