Pack Pride Q&A: Troy Walters

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State wide receivers coach Troy Walters talks with Pack Pride about his group in this Q&A.

Quintin Payton seems to be really emerging and catching everything thrown his way.
That comes from the way he is practicing. He's doing the same things in practice, and it started day one.

I tell the guys how you practice is how you're going to play... it's a carry-over. He's done a great job in practice, and the more plays he makes the more confident he's going to become.

He's feeling pretty good about himself, but at the same time I'm making sure he's level-headed because what you do last week has no effect, good or bad, on what you're going to do this week.

True freshman Charlie Hegedus has earned some playing time. What are your thoughts on him?
Charlie has been great. As a freshman to come in and grasp this offense, what we do, it's not an easy offense to grasp. He grasped it early. He made plays in the scrimmages, a couple of deep balls, and he's proven that he is a guy we're going to count on this season.

He played a little bit against Tennessee. He played a little more last week and when he goes in he knows what he's doing and when they throw him the ball he makes plays. He has a tremendous future, and we're excited about the progress he's making.

Is Bryan Underwood still working his way back from his preseason injury?
A little bit. He had a great camp before he got injured, and he got hurt. When you get hurt your conditioning is not always there.

He was a little rusty the first two games, but that being said he made a big play last game and we need him to continue to get better and be where he was pre-injury.

Your group has a mix of experienced players and younger guys. How do you coach a group like that?
I think the older guys who know the offense, Tobais [Palmer], Quintin [Payton], and Bryan [Underwood] for the most part, they do a good job of helping the younger guys.

My philosophy is teach and coach as if they don't know it. The guys who know it... I've been around Peyton Manning, and he says you can always learn something new each day. That's the approach the veterans take, that they can learn something about the offense that they didn't know and then they do a great job of continuing to work with the young guys... being patient with them and make sure they get it.

As a group, what do you think they can still improve on?
We've got to become more consistent in the details. There are times when we aren't getting our depth, we're two or three yards short. A couple of times, running the wrong routes... cleaning up the details. For the most part, they know what to do, it's the technique and fundamentals.

You've got to understand, when you play 50 or 60 plays, you get tired, your mind starts wondering, and we've got to be mentally tougher than we've been and clean up some of those areas.

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