Week 3: NC State Play Chart

Here is a breakdown of Wolfpack player snaps after State's first three games of the season. Linemen Camden Wentz and R.J. Mattes have played the most snaps on the offensive side of the ball, and cornerback Dontae Johnson leads the way defensively.

  • Highest Snap Count (South Alabama Game):
    OFFENSE: OL Tyson Chandler (75)

    DEFENSE: S Brandan Bishop (60)

  • Highest Snap Count (Season):
    OFFENSE: OL Camden Wentz, OL R.J. Mattes (227)

    DEFENSE: CB Dontae Johnson (201)

  • True freshman quarterback Manny Stocker and true freshman lineman Quincy McKinney played the first snaps of their careers. Redshirt freshman center Joe Thuney played the first snaps of his career.

  • Defensive tackle A.J. Ferguson and linebacker Ryan Cheek saw their first snaps of the season.

    OL - 10
    QB - 2
    FB - 2
    RB - 3
    WR - 7
    TE - 3
    DE - 7
    DT - 3
    LB - 5
    CB - 3
    S - 3

    NOTE: Included in the chart is a breakdown of snaps played by each player on each side of the ball, a look at the total snaps played by class, and a look at the snaps played by class offensively and defensively.

    The chart will be updated following each game.

    Week 3: NC State Play Chart

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