O'Brien Talks Amerson, The Citadel

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media to discuss Saturday's game against The Citadel. He talked about safety David Amerson and agents, his defensive tackles, The Citadel's defense, and more.

Tom O'Brien

What are the education efforts with David Amerson in terms of what he is allowed to do with agents and what he's not allowed to do?
Not only for him, but for all the guys that are draft-eligible they've been extensive... we've had multiple meetings with them and their parents so we've spent a lot of time with them, all the guys that are draft eligible and David.

Does Erick Leak, who has been disassociated from the university, have any contact with Amerson?
Not to my knowledge.

Do you talk to David about who he can have a relationship with, in terms of Leak?
Absolutely. We've been through this all the time with him. He's definitely aware, his parents are aware, it's been an ongoing educational process for him.

Are you confident all of that is on the up-and-up?
Absolutely. I don't have any questions about it at all.

How important are your defensive tackles in this game?
They will be huge in this game. The thing with them is they are lost in the shuffle in the middle, but they better tackle the fullback.

That's where all this starts. They are primarily responsible in there and they have to keep linemen off the middle linebacker because it's key that the middle linebacker be able to run to play defense against these guys.

They whole thing starts with the fullback. They may get one, they may get two, they may get three, and all of a sudden they pop a thirty because they forget what they are doing. They are the first part of the defense against the wishbone, the tackle position.

How has Tyson Chandler progressed?
He got a lot better from week one to week two. Now hopefully we can make as many strides from week two to week three. It's a tough position at left tackle.

We went into the first game thinking we could get him some help and they ended up in situations where they isolated him and we couldn't get him some help. He did much better last week. He didn't get out of his stance one time, didn't hear the snap count so we have to get him in tuned and moving and doing everything there, but I think he's making good strides.

Thoughts on The Citadel's defense:
We've seen them against two option schemes, so we've only seen them against App. State. The coordinator is new this year, last year's coordinator went to Tennessee.

They kind of remind us structurally of the way Boston College plays defense. They have a field linebacker, they play with two linebackers in the box. I think that's the style of defense that we think we're looking at.

You played Manny Stocker but you've redshirted kids later in their careers. Given the situation with Pete Thomas, is that a possibility down the line to potentially redshirt Stocker later?
Certainly. You never know. It's kind of similar to what we went through with Mustafa when he got hurt. You can use a redshirt year after they play as a freshman.

There is nothing out of the question that he can't redshirt in future years but right now you can't afford to redshirt him because he's the backup quarterback.

The plan is to have him compete with Thomas to be the starter?
In the spring, absolutely.

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