Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several Wolfpack players met with the media following the Pack's win over The Citadel.

Mike Glennon

"(Shadrach) is eager to learn, and when he found out that he was probably redshirt I told him that he just needs to be patient, but you could tell he wanted to be out there. He wanted to be playing with us. He finally got his opportunity today and he made the most of it."

"These last two games show what our offense is capable of doing. We realize there are going to be tougher opponents in the ACC, but if we play the way we're playing and just worry about ourselves we'll do just fine."

Shadrach Thornton

"Probably in the beginning of the week coach notified me to go ahead and get ready. They didn't ask me to do anything but go out there and play football. I'm thankful I have a good team, strong offensive linemen, they made the way for me tonight."

"They had me on scout team so I just wanted to give them the best look possible so they can go out there and dominate."

"It was pretty nice to get a chance to catch the ball. Mike Glennon is an awesome quarterback and he knows how to throw it, so he put me in the right positions."

"You practice how you play, so regardless if I was going to get in or not, I was going to practice 110%. The game is won in practice and it shows on Saturday."

"I have good backs ahead of me, a little more experienced than I am, so I'm just learning from those guys."

Rashard Smith

"I don't think (Citadel's punter) could believe I got through there. When I broke through and it was just me and the punter, I knew my teammates would let me have it if I let the punter break a tackle. I got great blocks, so that was what sprung me."

"The coaches come to me every week and tell me to do what I do best and make plays for us and just keep working. I have to thank the coaches, they keep pushing me every day."

Rodman Noel

"It was fun when we started winning, but that offense is tough and confusing, so you just have to focus all the time. It's always fun playing the game no matter what."

"I'm getting more comfortable each game, I just have to stay focused and know my assignment and I should be good from there."

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