Locker Room Report: Tom O'Brien

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media to discuss Saturday's win over The Citadel.

Tom O'Brien

"I'm really happy with the effort of the defense against that offense. We missed an assignment early and they got 65 yards and then the offense put them in a hole."

"It was a great effort by the defense."

"We came out in the third quarter and the fumble was not good. You got a chance to get on the board. We got a little infatuated with the bubble pass and ended up putting the defense in a bad spot."

"All in all, you play great defense and get off the field."

"We'd have some guys that were injured and couldn't play. He was the only back that was healthy and practiced all week."

"[Shadrach Thornton] is a good running back. He really progressed. By the fourth scrimmage you could see that he can really run the football. Now the question is, can he do everything else? That's what holds all those kids back. But, let's not give him the Heisman Trophy yet."

"The grim reaper will show up Sunday and let me know who I've got [at tailback]."

"Nothing has changed [on Mustafa Greene] since the last time we got together."

"They don't substitute a lot so we wanted to keep their defense on the field which tires them out and keep their offense sitting over there."

"I think when we decided to play Shadrach he's going to be a part of the rotation going forward. He showed today that he can get in there and play. We'll see. Who knows what the health is going to be of anybody. We may be in the same situation next week."

"They get on you with the speed of the game and you make a mistake and they make you pay."

"You have a job and you have to do it. If you don't, that's what happens. 65 yards and a touchdown."

"They've outscored people 35-7 in the first quarter and 45-7 in the third. They get on you with the speed of the game."

"I don't think he had any real challenges because he got out in pass every time. They maybe blitzed us twice all night so they gave [Thornton] a lot of free releases."

"He's a good football player. We knew that and we saw that as the scrimmages went on. He got a lot of work in the fourth scrimmage because we wanted to see. You never know. We thought three was enough but we ended up playing seven at the end of the night."

"I think [the wide receivers] have got better each and every game... I think Mike has a lot of confidence in those kids."

"A lot of balls were pitched at the perimeter and if they are pitched to the perimeter [the safeties] have to make a lot of plays."

"The good thing was we didn't give up a big pass."

"David, I don't know why they did that, but that was another bait them into throwing the ball and intercepting it."

"They rushed for under 200 yards of which 80 was on the two touchdown plays. You take those out and you have a 120-yard rushing night against a wishbone team. I think the defense did a good job."

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