PC: Bishop, Carter Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Brandan Bishop and Mario Carter met with the media today to discuss Saturday's game against Miami.

Mario Carter

"Coach Bible really emphasizes practicing well and how we practice is how we play."

"These two games we were able come out as a group and collectively play good. We came out with a win."

"I expect the best of my teammates. I hold them accountable, like coach O'Brien says, hold the person to the left, your right, in front of you and behind you accountable. I expected him to have the great game that he had the other night."

"It's very exciting that you can go out there and run routes, catch the ball."

"The whole group, we just work hard. Coach Kitchings takes pride on us and the running backs be the best group."

"We can't have those plays because that one play can affect the whole game."

"Miami has great athletes... we really didn't watch much film on them. We'll come back at 6:30 tonight and watch film on them."

"They like to play with their hands. They are really good at running down the field and they try to strip the ball."

"Coaches always say to protect the ball."

"We want to catch the ball, hold on to it, and just make the big play."

"It's a conference game. Every game is important... we want to win every game so we practice hard and try to come out with the win."

"We'll go with the scheme coach Bible comes up with and go from there."

Brandan Bishop

"I grew up a Miami fan and went to quite a few games in the old Orange Bowl."

"It seems kind of funny that we only play them every four years I think but I'm very excited."

"When I came on my official visit we played them right around Thanksgiving when I was a senior. I'm definitely excited to get down there and play."

"It's a very big deal for us. As a program they might not be where they used to be, but they are still talented. We want to get the ball rolling as far as ACC play goes so we're excited."

"Lots of ticket requests this week. I'm trading away tickets two months from now that I'll probably need but we'll figure it out."

"He doesn't miss a game. He goes to Connecticut, Boston, wherever we go."

"They have put up quite a few points. It's going to be a big challenge for us. They've got speed and athleticism on the perimeter and are going to throw it around. I think it's going to be a good test for us early, but I think we'll be ready to go."

"It was great to see. [Shadrach Thornton has] been on the scout team a few weeks and I knew early on he could be a good player for us. But I didn't imagine he'd get the opportunity so early."

"[C.J. Wilson] is happy to be back in the game and on the field for us. He's pumped up and he'll be ready to go."

"C.J. is a good player for us. Hopefully he'll be able to get on the field in certain passing downs and give us a good boost."

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