O'Brien Talks Miami

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media Thursday as his team prepares to face Miami.

Tom O'Brien

"It's our first ACC game so we have to be ready to play a great football game."

"They are playing with a lot of confidence after winning at Georgia Tech the way they did. We'll go see what we can accomplish here on Saturday."

"I think it helps where you have established relationships.... recruiting has changed so much today because you're not allowed out as much. It's tough to do the evaluations we were able to do 15 or 20 years ago."

"A lot of that is establishing trust and relationships with high school coaches."

"When we got here there were a lot of kids from Florida. We never really stopped recruiting the state. We made a more concerted effort to get in Georgia because we thought it was closer and as many good athletes... the ability to get kids from Georgia, especially when Andy McCollum got on the staff with his relationships with people there. We've been able to continue those relationships."

"This year we've had more success going to Florida."

"I think the whole thing on third down is to confuse quarterbacks. I think Mike Archer and Jon Tenuta are doing a good job of creating confusion, not only with coverage but with blitz schemes and everything else going on up front... confusing linemen up front and the backs and their protections. That's always the key, be disruptive and don't show the same things twice.

"Show multiple looks, multiple coverages, multiple blitzes and try to keep them off balance."

"[The Miami offensive line has] big, powerful guys that get in the way and the backs kind of hit creases and once they hit a crease they take off. James is a powerful guy, tough to tackle, and Johnson can fly. Once he gets into the open field you're going to have a problem so we're going to have to keep him surrounded."

"I have no update or anything... no update on Moose. No update."

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