PC: Wolff, Mattes Meet The Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Earl Wolff and R.J. Mattes met with the media today to discuss Saturday's game against Florida State.

Earl Wolff

"I would say a lot of people had that same mindset (before Clemson game in 2011), they didn't think we could win. But as a team, it's all up to us, it's how we prepare, practice and play Saturday. We made a whole lot of mistakes against Miami that shouldn't have happened. You have to learn from it or it will continue to happen."

"Yesterday the coaches had a meeting with us, we called our own meeting, we talked to a lot of players. We didn't call their names out, but seeing where their mind was. We're just trying to get everyone on the same page and make sure everybody is all in. We basically said 'if you're not all in you can get out right now.' We're just trying to make sure we're all on the same page."

"It just comes down to heart, physicality, are we going to let our opponent beat us. It might happen one time, but if it constantly continues to happen then there is no reason to really talk about it."

"I talked to (David Amerson) and I just wanted to figure out where his mind was. As a team we made a lot of mistakes, but we continue to fight despite the breakdowns. He's a competitor, we're all competitors."

"It's going to be difficult. Stephen Morris ran to throw the ball, EJ Manuel can do both so we're going to have to work on containing the quarterback. It's just a lot of stuff we have to do this week."

"We have to create more turnovers, we have to give our offense the ball and give them a chance to score. Turnovers are going to be big."

R.J. Mattes

"Knock on wood, I haven't been like that throughout my career but I'm hoping the injury bug doesn't bite me. Hopefully these guys can get back healthy because we need them."

"Guys like Cam Fordham and Joe Thuney came in and we didn't miss a beat. Guys are paying attention in practice, getting those mental reps. I'm just proud of those guys working hard in practice."

"We want our starting lineup against this defensive line. Their ends are real good, it's probably one of the best defensive lines we'll play all year. They are ranked in the top five for a reason, mainly because of their defense. Their offense is good too, but their defense is shut down. We have our hands full with them."

"I played left tackle all last year, so it wasn't too big of a transition. Actually playing guard helped me out a little bit with my punch. Moving out to tackle and going against ends was easier for me because they aren't as heavy. The run game was easier for me at tackle."

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