Pack Pride Is Back

We had hoped that our site redesign would go smoothly and our subscribers would be pleased with the new look and features, but after having multiple technical issues Pack Pride is back on our old site, as early as Monday evening.

The new site launched last Thursday evening and initially we all believed the transition would go smoothly, but a host of technical problems on the user and admin side were too much for us to handle.

In working with the FOX Sports Next team we held out hope that the issues could be ironed out, but that hasn't been the case so we have made the decision to return to the old forums and front page that all of our members are familiar with.

You can now access this site at or where the former Pack Pride front page will be located. Once your browser reloads the old front page, Pack Pride should be back up operating as normal.

While FOX Sports Next is continuing to work to launch a website with several new functions and features, it is more important that our subscribers are happy with what they are receiving and for now the best move we could make is to postpone the launch and return to our old site and forums. In the future we could potentially launch another re-design but for now there is no definitive timetable for making that move.

We apologize for the issues some of you have had to deal with. We all are disappointed that the redesign launch didn't go smoother and certainly aren't pleased with the frustration our members have had to deal with.

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