North Carolina's Top 30

After hours of reviewing and studying film, here is a pre-season look at the top thirty players in the state of North Carolina. [<i>Pictured: No. 1 Demario Pressley</i>]

1. Demario Pressley 6-4/290/4.97 DT  Dudley HS

Explosion and strength from snap of the ball to the tackling of the ball carrier sets Demario Pressley as the top player in the region regardless of position.  The upside of the mammoth defensive tackle is immeasurable while he will also present an immediate impact to whatever college team is fortunate enough to catch him.

Demario Pressley Film

2. Marque Hall 6-5/305/4.80 OL  Forest Hills HS

The ability of Marque Hall is evident on both sides of the ball.  He is a run stuffing defensive tackle, but his true talent is apparent on the offensive side as he could possibly block his size of the ball by himself.  Hall moves very well for his size and hits like a tons of bricks.

3. George Bell 5-11/225/4.43 RB  Jack Britt HS

The knee injury which took out George Bell in the third game of last season could have sidelined him for good.  That hurt his stature in the eye of college recruiters everywhere until they saw, and we saw that he was well on the way to recover.  Bell's speed, power, vision, and ability to follow blockers unquestionably leads to an excellent potential at the position.

George Bell Film

4. Andre Brown 6-2/211/4.48 RB  J.H. Rose HS

Brown has everything that a team could want from the running back position - speed, size, and power.  That said, he is not necessarily right for the position but earns the number four ranking solely based on his athletic potential at any of about four positions - running back, wide receiver, linebacker, and safety.
5. Jamaal Edwards 6-0/200/4.40 RB  Dudley HS

Speed, agility, and toughness define running back Jamaal Edwards.  Certainly he looks like a college running back, and even TheInsiders national analyst Jamie Newberg likes Jamaal better than George Bell.  Edwards can reach full speed on his second step, hitting the hole with amazing force for his size.

Committed to Florida State

Jamaal Edwards Film

6. Trimane Goddard 5-10/170/4.40 CB  Roanoke HS

The fact that teams are recruiting Goddard at four different positions show just how versatile he is on the field.  Goddard could play quarterback, running back,  or wide receiver, but pound for pound, Goddard could be the hardest hitting player in the state of North Carolina.

Trimane Goddard Film

7. Rod Council 5-11/175/4.50 CB  West Charlotte HS

A month ago, Council was off the top-30 list in North Carolina.  Then came the Ragsdale Shrine Bowl combine and the Nike Camp in Blacksburg. Council was arguably the best cover corner at both of those, locking down receivers at the Nike camp and showing great agility at the Shrine Bowl combine.  Some major schools have Council as their number one player at his position in the country.

Rod Council Film

8. Andrew Pearman 5-9/162/4.30 WR  Providence HS

Possibly the fastest player in the state, Pearman ran back-to-back sub-4.3 40s with several coaches clocking him at the same time.  Speed simply exudes from the young man who could also play other positions.  Though not an every-down back due to his size, with good hands out of the backfield, Pearman could very easily make the move to wide receiver. He is also a humble young man already having learned and following his brother to Virginia.
9. Jeremy Thompson 6-5/235/4.64 DE  Charlotte Christian HS

Thompson is a man among boys these days.  He is a physically gifted player who looks like last year's top defensive end in North Carolina and NC State player Mario Williams.  Jeremy is also a smart player and knows how to use his hands to keep offensive linemen off of him.


10. Jamar Adams 6-3/180/4.50 S  Butler HS

Jamar Adams

For a prospect of his size, Adams moves very will in coverage.  He has really worked on mechanics, and appears to move on air when backpedaling.  He is also not afraid to come up and smack someone on a running play.  Adams has made the biggest move of the month based on his dedication to the game, and many new schools are taking interest in him.

  Jamar Adams Film

Best of the Rest:
11. Lemarte McGhee 6-6/280/5.00 DE  Person HS
12. Albert Ashcraft 6-3/190/4.50 S  Monroe HS
13. Dennis Marsh 6-4/275/4.80 DT  NE Guilford HS
14. Gerard Miller 6-4/255/4.70  DE  West Craven HS
15. Martel Thatch 6-2/180/4.40  S  Dudley HS
16. Jamar Bryant 6-3/193/4.60 WR  Richmond Co. HS
17. Cory Powell 6-2/220/4.50 LB  Providence Day HS
18. Chase Rice 6-3/200/4.50 S  AC Reynolds HS
19. Chase Bullock 6-3/223/4.50 LB  Northern Durham HS
20. Quentin Cotton 6-4/215/4.75 LB  WS Glenn HS
21. Paul Crews 6-0/172/4.43 CB  Northern Vance HS
22. Hilee Taylor 6-3/200/4.45 LB  Scotland County HS
23. Dannell Ellerbe 6-2/190/4.40 S  Richmond Co. HS
24. Davon Drew 6-4/215/4.60 QB  New Bern HS
25. John McEachin 5-10/175/4.52 RB  Trinity HS
26. Antonio Miller 6-1/185/4.50 QB  Olympic HS
27. Jon Terry 6-4/315/5.20 OL  Ragsdale HS
28. Jeff Bush 6-4/230/4.70 DE  Jack Britt HS
29. Kentwan Balmer 6-5/250/4.80 DE  Weldon HS
30. Mario Melton 6-2/190/4.45 WR  HP Andrews HS

Note: Kickers excluded from overall rankings.

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