Cody: "We Fit The System"

Mocksville (NC) Davie County forward Cody Martin feels that attending NC State is best for him and his brother, Caleb, both on and off the court.

Mocksville (NC) Davie County forward Cody Martin feels that attending NC State is best for him and his brother, Caleb Martin, both on and off the court.

"We've watched NC State practice and play, and their style fits the way we play," said Cody. "We both like to score, but when we're on the court we want to be unselfish. We don't want to be the only one taking shots. We like to share the ball and keep everyone involved. We know we're going to have to score, but we like to move the ball and play team basketball. I think that is how State plays.

"We fit the system, but I also felt comfortable there. The fanbase is great, the coaches, the support staff... the whole atmosphere."

According to Cody, a recent visit to North Carolina, who was expressing interest in the Martin twins, actually made their decision a little easier.

"When we went to Carolina everything was nice," he said. "I liked the facilities and the fan support, but it just felt different. It didn't feel the same way as it did when I was at NC State. I just felt more comfortable there.

"Really, it didn't just happen because we've talked about it for a while now... me, my brother, and my parents. We thought committing to NC State was right for us."

A summer visit to NC State for team camp really put the Pack in great shape with the twins.

"That camp was great," said Cody. "That's when it started to feel right. We started to grow even more comfortable with the coaches and players. It started to feel right."

The decision to attend college together was an easy one for both Cody and Caleb, who have said all along they would pick the same school. Caleb went down with a foot injury that forced him to miss 14 games last season, and Cody had to play an extended period of time without his brother for the first time.

He responded to help lead Davie County to a school record in wins and a deep run into the state playoffs when Caleb returned later in the year.

"I wasn't used to playing without him," said Cody. "But, I knew I needed to step up and be a leader... take on his role too."

Cody admits that his brother is more comfortable on the perimeter than he is right now, but he is dangerous operating on the low block and in the high post.

At 6-foot-7 and 195 pounds, Cody believes that he is still growing and could play any of the forward spots in State's high post offense.

"For me, I love playing in the high-post and I have a good mid-range game," he said. "State's forwards are interchangeable in the offense. They allow their forwards to play on the perimeter, in the high post, or on the block. That fits my game."

Cody also confirmed that they will be in Raleigh on Friday for the Wolfpack's "Primetime With The Pack" festivities.

"Yes sir, we'll be there," he said. "I can't wait for that."

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